Outlander is back!

If you haven’t heard of Outlander, you must’ve lived under a rock the past year. It’s a piece of historical fiction, where married Claire travels back in time to find herself in Scotland during the 18th century. There was an excruciatingly long half-season break, but after 6 months of waiting the show has finally returned. Beware of Spoilers for Episode 9 of Season 1 called “The Reckoning“!

Outlander is quite cruel I have to say. They make this stunningly beautiful and faithful book adaptation (although I haven’t read farther than Episode 7 in the book) and then they leave us with a huge cliffhanger for months before they resolve everything. Let’s just say one thing is clear, the honeymoon phase is definitely over. Here a little break-down of what happened and what my thoughts were:

  • Jamie saves Claire from Randall … obviously. I mean we all knew that he’d get her out of there somehow. Unfortunately, Black Jack now knows that Claire is Jamie’s wife and that just makes him want to hunt them both even more. I was a little surprised that Jamie didn’t end Randall’s life, because he assaulted his wife, but he’d never hurt a a defenseless man. Jamie is just good that way.
    Nonetheless, the whole thing put quite a strain on Claire’s and Jamie’s relationship. She disobeyed him and he had to punish her. The spanking scene was one of the most uncomfortable scenes to watch on this show so far. I understand that customs were different at that time, but I just can’t condone abuse like that and neither can Claire. She definitely gave him hell for that, and I am so happy that they made up at the end of the episode. Jamie is a real forward-thinker for a man of his time and I can definitely appreciate that. But they also made it clear that this show isn’t about how Claire and Jamie got together, but about how they’ll manage to stay together.
  • Laoghaire is trouble. She wanted Jamie and seeing him married doesn’t suit her plans. I shudder at the thought of the things she’s probably willing to do to get him …
  • Dougal and Colum certainly clashed! Colum doesn’t condone his brother’s Jacobite business and they almost started a clan war when Dougal exploded and revealed that he is the real father of Colum’s son. Jamie was of course in the middle of it all and did his best to reconcile the brothers. I think it’ll only be a temporary fix.
  • Colum invited the Duke of Sandringham and since we know that he sponsors Randall, that could be quite interesting.
  • Seeing an episode from Jamie’s POV was refreshing as well. We all know how trapped and confused Claire feels most of the time, so it was nice to hear his take on things.
  • Of course, most people disapprove of Jamie marrying a Sassenach. That was pretty clear, but I just wanted to use the word Sassenach in a post for once.

We can expect a lot from the rest of this Season. We’ll finally get to meet Jenny, Jamie’s sister, and we’ll see how Claire’s relationship with Jamie develops. She’s definitely going to have to make a choice, whether she stays with him or continues her best at trying to get back to Frank. I cannot wait to see what’s to come!

18 thoughts on “Outlander is back!

  1. I loved the episode so much!

    I wasn’t quite as disturbed by the spanking scene, although I don’t condone it either. I thought they did a nice job making the scene as light as it could be, the little cat-mouse chase was actually kind of funny and she gave him hell, but it had to be done. He says plenty of times that it’s not for me, but she endangered the lives of other men, and she needed to understand the consequences… different times =/

    I felt for Jamie though, poor guy! I loved the change of pace that came with him being the narrator – no Frank was nice.


    • I wouldn’t exactly use disturbed either. It’s just that she said so clearly no, but he didn’t listen. I know that in the end, he didn’t really hurt her, but that is a huge trust issue. And I didn’t actually find it that much better that they tried to make it lighter and funnier. But I know … different times ….
      Jamie was a great narrator. I didn’t miss Frank either, although I do feel sorry for him. It must feel terrible to think your wife has possibly left you for another.


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