The Messengers Series Premiere

I gather this post will be rather short, because there is not that much to say about the Series Premiere of the Messengers, but I couldn’t say nothing at all either. Beware of Spoilers!

So, if you’ve seen the First Look video above (which got a little over-dramatic in my opinion), you’ve seen more or less what happensΒ in the first episode. A meteor/person (called “The Man” … seriously? I’ll keep calling him Johnny) crashes to earth, that knocks some people out, who seem clinically dead for a couple of moments. Yet, they are not dead, but awake with strange powers and seemingly have wings, but they can only be seen in reflections. After that they are all drawn to or told to go to Houston, Texas. That’s it … It’s not like nothing happens at all, but we already knew all that. I think I’ll need a lot more episodes to really get to know the characters and to decide how I feel about it.

Nonetheless, here are some thoughts/questions/reflections of mine:

  • So, the Man … who is he? Is he good or evil? I don’t know … I’ve seen some angels behave pretty cold-heartedly, but he could just as well be the devil himself. Red glaring eyes usually don’t indicate anything nice, but I don’t want it to be so obvious.
  • There’s a woman in a coma, which incidentally was the only part left out of the promo above. Why is she so important and why does the Man want her dead?
  • Another promo stated that the messengers are the angels of the apocalypse. That kind of does have me intrigued to be honest.
  • I like the cast, but I’m not sure I like the characters. Does that make sense? I was excited to see J.D. Pardo again after he disappeared from Revolution, I loved Shantel VanSanten on One Tree Hill and let’s face it, Diogo Morgado is hot! But the characters, they are all so sad and broken. I could’ve really needed at least one really upbeat person … although Craig Frank tries his best at bringing a comic element to the show.

The show still needs to earn it’s wings, but I’ll keep at it, because I actually want it to work out.

26 thoughts on “The Messengers Series Premiere

    • I continued to watch it and actually am still watching it, but I’m not liking it that much. I don’t like that it’s so obvious that the devil is the devil – it would be so much more interesting if his identity were just the tiniest bit more intricate and secretive.
      For the other characters: they stories are interesting enough, but I just haven’t connected with anyone yet.
      It’s weird to describe … somehow not a lot happens, but everything feels rushed. Does that make any sense?

      On a side note: Where are you with the Chicago franchise?


      • I don’t think I’ll be watching The Messengers anytime soon, more so now that I know it won’t be coming back…

        About the Chicago, I’m SO BEHIND! I haven’t watched an episode in real long time. Before I went away I had a lot of work to do, and keeping up with both shows was tricky, then, while travelling, I tried to have iZombie at least up to date. TBBT I already watched everything, and now I’m catching up on The Flash and then Arrow… then I’ll need to get through all the other million shows I watch… I do want to finish the Chicago’s sometime next month.


      • I don’t think you’re missing much …

        I get being behind on shows, but I couldn’t stay away from the Chicago stuff if I tried. The Season Finale from Chicago Fire was really good as well! I’d love it if you commented on the posts and we talked as soon as you watched it! I always like discussing with you πŸ™‚


      • Yes, we’ll do that! Now I’ll be home (Barcelona) for about 1 and a half months straight, which means that I’ll be able to put everything to date :D. I’m already planning a couple of marathons for this weekend – got to finish Jane and Arrow at least πŸ˜‰


      • YES! I’m looking forward to it!

        Oh my the end of Jane … I’m not going to Spoiler it (and I probably won’t write a review) but it devastated me. But I’m kind of leaning towards Michael somehow …


      • I’m a few episodes behind on Jane, last episode I watched is when rafael breaks up with her.
        This is something this show has done very right, most of the time you either ship one or the other, but here they made both characters so perfect at different times that it’s kind of impossible not to fluctuate between them.
        I was liking Petra a lot lately, but then I read a spoiler from the last episode and now I’m not so sure 😦


      • for a moment there I felt that she had some kind of spark with Michael… oh well…

        it’s a great show though, and for me, The CW seriously took the crown with their new shows this year.


      • not yet, but as soon as I get home… oh man, I was liking Lowell so much (I’m predicting that that’s somehow is going down the drain), and I’m so worried for Ravi!


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