Let’s talk about Movies!

As my rate of blog posts was barely existing during the past month, I’ve neglected to mention a couple of movies I’ve watched. I don’t see the point of discussing them all at length now, but I’ll give you a short take on things (Spoiler-free unless noted otherwise) and I’d love to discuss with you in further detail in the comments! So, here we go:

Kingsman: The Secret Service

I’ve read the graphic novel before watching the movie and I was of the opinion that they’d never actually do the things that happened in the written version … but they did! A lot of the characters were changed to some extent, but the general storyline wasn’t so far fetched from the actual comic. With creators Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons being the brains behind Kick-Ass as well, I knew the movie would have quite violent tendencies, but I didn’t expect Kingsman to be the way it ended up being. It was both hilarious and shocking and a great cinematic debut for Taron Egerton. Also, it was awesome to see Colin Firth in such an action-packed role!

Fazit: laughworthy and enjoyable



They’ve changed a lot from the book and I don’t care whatsoever. I really enjoyed the book, but I kind of liked the movies better so far. Maybe it’s because I dread Allegiant and I am hoping that they’ll change the events of that one as well. Also, I have to add that I love Miles Teller in these movies! (Okay … not just in the Divergent-Series …) [SPOILER] On a side-note: the betrayal by Caleb felt more real in the book … just saying.

Fazit: really cool!



Why only talk about mainstream-stuff? Eden is a film by French film director Mia Hansen-Løve about the guys who didn’t become Daft Punk. It is apparently a sort of semi-biography of her brother Sven’s life. You probably can’t imagine much after that, but let’s just say it’s a film about music, the perfect mix between euphoria and melancholy without any apparent goal except portraying the ups and overweighing downs of DJ Paul’s life.

Fazit: lengthy but deeply impacting (at least on me) movie


A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

This is an Iranian Western-vampire movie – says it all! If that doesn’t convince you to watch this unique work of art, then I don’t know how to help you … I watched it in its original language with subtitles and it was beautiful to witness. The music is chosen perfectly and it’s just so intense. Sometimes it feels a tad long, but you forgive it that little flaw easily. Some may compare it to Only Lovers Left Alive, although I would hesitate to call it that, it’s quite it’s own piece of work. I’m not too big of a fan of open ends, but here the conclusion was quite fitting.

Fazit: A must-watch for vampire fans!


Avengers: Age of Ultron

I wasn’t as impressed as I wanted to be. I liked the movie and it didn’t feel long at all, but it just didn’t throw me out of my seat either. Love Spader as Ultron and Paul Bettany as the Vision! I think they could’ve used the creepy version of the Pinocchio song more during the film. [SPOILER] I am not at all okay with them killing Quicksilver though, because I adore the Maximoff-twins. His death had absolutely no emotional impact on me, the scene was just void of any feelings. My heart broke for Wanda, but before that … I mean he even cracked a joke while dying. Are you serious? I am still secretly hoping that his fast metabolism somehow healed him or that Scarlett Witch will resurrect him like she did in the comics.

Fazit: Another great piece of the Marvel universe


That was long enough a post I think. Hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. What are your thoughts? Would you like to have me do that once a month or do you prefer the more detailed posts?

29 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Movies!

  1. I saw Kingsmen and Age of Ultron and I loved them. Yeah, Ultron may have dragged a bit and at times Kingsman stretched the boundaries of believability, but they were a ton of fun. And it sounds like I should see A Girls Walks Home Alone at night when it hits my local theater. It sounds really interesting.


  2. I saw Kingsmen, Insurgent and Avengers.

    I loved Kingsmen, it’s one of my alltime favorite movies for sure.

    Insurgent I did not like, not even a bit… but I haven’t read the books and I’m not overly fond of the story.

    Avengers I went to see this week and I liked it more than I was expecting (given that so many people were disappointed by it). Unlike you, I was really moved by Quicksilver’s death, I liked that he died saving Clint and the little boy, though I did not want him to die, at all, I like him so much. But I’m not sure that Wanda would fulfill her role in the Avengers if her brother did not die 😦


    • Kingsman is hilarious! I loved it, but I am not too big a fan of the graphic novel. The style of the drawings isn’t really my thing.
      I like the movies a lot more than the books when it comes to the Divergent-series. It was so utterly frustrating to read.
      I wasn’t overly excited when I finally saw the Avengers, but I liked it too! The act that caused Pietro’s death was a moving gesture, but the dying scene itself didn’t do it for me. He didn’t speak like it was hard to breathe, he barely struggled, he just collapsed. It was so rushed. Wanda’s reaction was brilliant and then after they brought his body to the dropship and Hawkeye lay down beside him, that was a perfect shot, but still the scene itself – him dying – it just didn’t do it for me. I want him back!! They shot alternative endings with him in Avengers-uniform (which is supposed to look great) and also another secret scene. So my hopes are still up hahaha


      • I really liked him… actually, I liked him more than I liked Wanda.

        I felt that this Avengers was all (or mostly) about Clint and I really liked that.

        And also, The Vision! It’s probably one of my favorites already, but I’ll miss JARVIS terribly =( – yeah, I shed a tear when he “died”…


      • I simply love Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Had a crush on him ever since I was little and I even sent him a letter. I got a 2-page(-printed)-letter back and an autograph. Gotta love the guy!

        I liked that too! I never knew that much about him before the movie, so I enjoyed that a lot.

        The Vision is just soooo good! I’m looking forward to seeing his relationship develop with Wanda. I already missed JARVIS and I almost shed a tear as well!!


      • Oh my, what did you see with him that stroke such a cord?! I have to admit that I had virtually no idea who the guy was until all the casting news started to come out… (shame on me).

        But he’s so good, I honestly liked him better as Quicksilver than the X-Men version, though Evan Peters’ Quicksilver is funnier and is given more of a light role.

        Did you like the NEW AVENGERS?! Falcon, War-Machine, Scarlet Witch, The Vision, Black Widow and the Cap?!


      • He portrayed my favourite character in the movie adaptation of my favourite book from that time. He was Prosper in The Thief Lord. After that I saw him in “Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging” – that movie is just hilarious.

        I liked him better than Peter’s interpretation as well, but I still liked Evan at the time of the X-Men movie … if you know what I mean?

        I’m undecided about the new Avengers .. depends on the next movie I suppose hahaha


      • I never saw any of those, I think I’ll have to look them up.
        Don’t you like Evan now?! =|
        Before the new Avengers movie, I guess we’ll see most of them in the new Captain America


      • Of course I still like Evan, I’m just saying he pales a little in comparison to Aaron’s Quicksilver – hence I like him a little more.

        Civil War will definitely be interesting!


      • ahhh, I get you. Also, Evan’s Quicksilver felt like a child in comparison to Aaron’s.
        Civil War will be massive at least, did you see that Martin Freeman joined the cast as well?


  3. I was angry that Quicksilver died as well! And the random romance between Bruce and Nat was so sudden. If they had added some sort of build-up in the first Avengers movie, then I would have liked it more, but no, they just wrote it in. I’m not against Hawkeye having a family, but it became boring…. But the acting and effects rocked!


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