Chicago Fire Season 3 Finale

Let’s start by saying that I absolutely cannot wait until Season 4 … not after what happened last night. Chicago Fire was once again at it’s best, leaving us with a lot to think about until fall. Here we go with the review for the “Spartacus” episode (Spoilers ahead!).

The promo already had me in a panic. I was neither willing to loose Severide nor Gabby since those two are pretty much my favourites. Turns out my fear was unnecessary, but let’s go through it character by character and see what the Season Finale had in store for us:

  • Whenever Casey and Voight talk normal with each other, I still get that uneasy feeling because of their past. I just can’t shake it off, even though I love Voight as head of Intelligence on Chicago PD. Now that Antonio and Hank have talked Casey into working undercover, he already gets nearly discovered at the start of his “mission”. While everyone thinks he dodged a bullet, Nesbitt witnesses a talk between Casey and the guys from PD … we all know that’s no good. So while most people thought the person in danger would be someone trapped in the fire, it’s actually Matt Casey. Dawson finds poor Katya bloody (and probably dead) on his apartment floor with Casey missing. Voight better have a plan now!
  • The past weeks the tension between Truck and Squad has been building up. I thought we were so done with this topic in … I don’t know, like Season 1 but apparently we weren’t. Especially Otis has been riled up about the whole Scott Rice thing and when Cruz joins Squad he feels utterly betrayed. But no worries – the bromance didn’t hit a major rock because they make up by the end of the episode.
  • Herrmann and Chili still pursue their business idea for chilled champagne. It was the thing that finally made Chili connect with the rest of the people at the fire house and she and Herrmann seem to grow closer in their mutual quest. I would have loved for one of those funny business ideas to finally work, but some big company got the product on the market before they did …
  • Sylvie and Roman are starting a thing and I kind of dig it! Crossover romances are the best!!
  • Now … on to a bit of a controversial topic. I have no idea how to start this! Let’s maybe begin by saying that I am not against Dawsey as a couple, but they don’t really excite me. Ever since the show started Gabriella and Severide were my favourite people on the show (plus Shay … may she rest in peace) and I always wanted them to have more scenes together. I didn’t necessarily see them as a couple, but then again: wouldn’t that be spicy? After Shay passed, I saw them connecting a little more by investigating her murder, but the show didn’t pursue this any further. Now, I know they fight a lot, but I’ve always just kind of seen a spark there and I feel very, very reassured in my assumption after last night’s episode. Their near death experience brought them closer and even made them flirty with each other (Gabby saying “big, strong Squad-guy to save me” was epic!) and then that hug … I know that people still want Dawsey, but I’d be totally for a little Gabby-Severide-experiment. (April wasn’t really in the picture the past episodes anyway …)
  • Then the shocker at the end (… besides Casey missing): it seems Gabby is pregnant!! I knew it when she felt a little unwell at the beginning of the episode! That will mean a lot of change for her personally as well as career-wise. I’m looking forward to seeing how she handles it, especially without Casey. People probably love the idea of a Dawsey baby though!

So, I’m all set for Season 4 … already not liking the wait. What are your thoughts?

13 thoughts on “Chicago Fire Season 3 Finale

  1. watched it last night and absolutely loved it.

    I’m really worried about Casey, i do hope they show us what went down at his place, because Katia was there (What the hell?!).

    Roman and Sylvie?! I adore crossover romances, but no, just no… don’t like it…

    I love Herman, and I really like his father-daughter relationship with Chili, I just don’t trust her….

    Ottis, I felt bad for the guy for the last episodes, I mean, he was a pain in the ass, but his heart was in the right place. I’m so glad that Cruz joined Squad, he had been talking about it since the beginning.

    Will a new opening in Truck mean that Dawson will no longer be the candidate, and a new one is coming in?

    I really liked Sev and Gabby on this one, though I would like to see a strong friendship and not a romance.

    The baby… well, I’m in for it. I mean, I had a problem when Matt and Gabby broke up, I felt that the writers didn’t even gave them a chance, but they grew close again in the last few episodes, they’re good friends, and they definitely love each other, so I’m on board. It would be interesting to see how her pregnancy would affect not only her job, but how the other perceive her.

    (just one down to finish Chicago PD :D)


    • I worry about Casey as well and it sucks that it’ll take until Fall to learn what has happened.
      I dig Roman and Sylvie. I think they’re kinda alike, so that seems interesting to me.
      I haven’t figured out Chili just yet. Somehow, she still doesn’t fit in properly.
      I was so happy for Cruz, but I understood his little quarrel with Otis. Seen as Dawson is pregnant she wouldn’t be allowed to take the opening at truck, even if she wanted to. Pregnant fire fighters aren’t allowed on the field … that’s why I worry about her and what it’s going to mean for the baby. I read that Casey would instantly be like “okay, should we get married now?” as soon as he finds out, because he’s all for doing the right thing here.
      I know I am alone with my Severide-Dawson-romantic feelings. Have been since season 1, but I don’t really care.


      • we’re assuming she’s actually pregnant, which also doesn’t mean that she will remain so for long. Either way, it will probably mean that we’ll have new blood in the fall.

        I totally understood the Otis/Cruz thing, I was just sad about it.

        Casey would probably want to get married, though in his defense, he has wanted that since the beginning. When he was with Hayley, he wanted kids and family and stuff. He’s a family man, and he loves Dawson, so, if it happens, I don’t think it’s just for “doing the right thing”, you know?

        I really feel like Severide needs a constant and good friend. He had Shay, she died. Then he and Matt have not be getting along lately because of the Truck/Quad feud, and also because Matt did not tell him about the police undercover work. Then Royce lied to him. April left after they had sex. I think the guy needs a true friend, I just wished that maybe Gabby would be that for him. Though I could totally see them together, I fear that eventually that would ruin a lot of friendships.


      • I have no idea how they’ll handle pregnant-Gabby, but at this point I just really don’t want to speculate too much.
        I’m not sure Gabby and Casey are really there with their relationship. Sure, they still have feelings for each other, but at that point I don’t think marriage would be the best solution for them as a couple. But yes, Matt is totally a family man, so I can see him really wanting this. But who knows how he’ll get out of this undercover mission. That may have changed him too.
        Severide has never loved anyone the way he loved Shay, but to be honest, I think that he would have totally dated her if she’d been into men hahaha. The firehouse couldn’t take it if Sev dated Gabby. No way – people wouldn’t know who’s side to be on any more! That’d be a whole different kind of Truck vs. Squad.


      • Totally agree on the sev-shay thing. He even admitted it once.

        And yes, the firehouse would not be able to handle it, lol.

        Marriage would not solve anything, but lets see how they handle things


      • It’s pretty difficult to imagine anything at this point. I’m not even sure the scripts are all done. Maybe not even they know everything that’s going to happen. Either way, I can’t wait!


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