Arrow Season 3 Finale

So, another show that’s over for now is Arrow. They’re already planning/shooting Season 4, but let’s talk about the Season 3 Finale “My Name is Oliver Queen” first. Beware of Spoilers!

It is with shame that I have to say that I wasn’t as invested in this Season as I’ve been before. I don’t really know what the reason was, but everyone just kept dying and being resurrected. Also, it frustrated me to no end that Oli kept pushing everyone away that tried to help him. I guess they finally put an end to that – seen as he “retired” during the Season Finale and finally acknowledged that he needs his friends and family. Let’s break down the events of the episode:

  • Oliver is still Oliver and not the heir to the demon. I suppose that’s pretty important to mention. He managed to finally kill Ra’s and escaped his fate of having to become the new one. I don’t think his retirement will last long, but good for him being happy at last. I couldn’t have taken it any longer if he pushed Felicity away … again. They drove off into the sunset together, I should just be happy.
  • Is Oliver still married to Nyssa? Is a Nanda Parbat wedding legitimate? That’s like a real issue for my Olicity-heart.
  • We all knew Malcolm probably didn’t save everyone out of goodwill. I never fully comprehended his actions, but since he’s the new Ra’s al Ghul I guess he finally got what he wanted.
  • Thea is officially Speedy now and while I am no fan of that particular red colour, her disguise looks great on her!
  • Poor John … he’s not really getting the most out of this finale. He technically has his friend back but there is a rift in their friendship and it will take a lot of time to mend it.
  • Ray is seriously one of the best people on the planet. I mean of course I’m a Olicity advocate, but Ray’s just too good to be true. He’s intelligent and really understanding. He supports Team Arrow and holds no grudges and he only ever wants the best for Felicity. That explosion at the end though … I don’t really see him being dead but I want a good explanation as to how he survived it. Maybe his nano tech helped? I don’t know …
    (Sorry, slight update on that: They revealed how he survived in the First Look for Legends of Tomorrow, click here to see the promo – couldn’t stop laughing when Arthur Darvill said he was a Time Master …)
  • A short appearance of the Flash never hurts, especially since it’s often coupled with some really funny statements from Barry or Felicity.

You probably noticed that my enthusiasm wasn’t at it’s peak. Maybe I’ll get more excited as soon as Season 4 approaches. Any thoughts?

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