My Guilty Pleasure: The Royals

So, when I first watched the promo for the Royals, I thought it seemed a bit rubbish. It looked cheesy and cheap, but then they brought out a different Trailer and I couldn’t resist checking it out. And guess what, I loved it and am now proud part of the Loyals! Each week I anticipated the new episodes and the show rewarded me by continuing to surprise me. Therefore I thought it deserved a little review now that it’s over. (Major Spoilers included!)

The show starts by announcing that the heir to the throne, Prince Robert, son to Queen Helena and King Simon, brother to Princess Eleanor and Prince Liam has died. It comes as a shock to the entire family as well as the country and the circumstances of his death stay somewhat of a secret. At the beginning it really bothered me that we never once saw Robert, not even a photo, but in the end that was good. It added a lot to the drama towards last episodes of the show. Here are some of the elements that I liked most about the Royals:

  • The father-son/daughter-realtionship was adorable. King Simon was a truly good man and you saw that he made up for the lack of emotion that his wife showed towards their children. He only ever wanted the best for everyone and in a way I think it was very brave of him to acknowledge that the monarchy might not be the way of accomplishing that.
  • Speaking of the Queen though, she doesn’t stop at anything to get what she wants! But what is it she wants? She remained an enigma to me the entire time. She purposely hurt her children, the man she loved and her own reputation for what? To stay Queen?
  • Eleanor was my favourite person on the show. She is majorly messed up and an addict, but she’s a good person at heart. You know how much she cares for her family and it was often her scenes with the King or Liam or Beck or Jasper (so, basically everyone) that broke my heart the most.
  • Eleanor and Jasper (is it Jaspenor or Jaleanor?) are just so fun to watch! Who doesn’t like a relationship that’s founded on blackmail? Also, Jasper is another candidate for “Most Mysterious Character”. Who is he? Where is he from and what was his plan all along? We know so little about him … at least very little that is true.
  • Liam’s change from partying bachelor to heir to the throne was interesting and his relationship with Ophelia was like from a fairy tale. I’m sort of sad they have such a hard time finding a time and place to just be together and be happy.
  • I never truly liked Gemma, but she kind of fascinates me. She’s a lot smarter than people give her credit for anyway.
  • Cyrus and his daughters are one of the most hilarious elements of the show. Nonetheless, he is such a creep and you wonder how he could possibly be the brother of Simon. They are nothing alike! His actions are repulsive and selfish through and through.
  • Marcus was one of my favourite people as well! During the finale I couldn’t believe that I missed that he’s into Ophelia … Seriously, I must’ve been off my game because something like that usually doesn’t pass me. In hindsight though, it totally makes sense and I feel for him, because he doesn’t stand a chance against Liam at the moment.
  • The Finale!!! Just thinking about what happened in the last 5 minutes, it’s torture to wait until next Season with all that information. Robert was murdered, Simon is dead, Cyrus is King, Prudence is pregnant from him and what on earth is this Domino thing??? I mean that’s definitely one way to go and leave everyone clueless.

I think that sums up the whole Season and what I liked about it: so much drama! Let me hear your thoughts on the topic!

23 thoughts on “My Guilty Pleasure: The Royals

  1. I finished it 😐 AND I LOVE IT!

    Oh My God, I can’t believe I have to wait a year for more… seriously?

    Poor King SImon… Do you have any inkling to who might have done it? And ordered the hit on Robert? I don’t think it was the Queen, but Lucius?! Maybe. Or it might be someone else entirely…

    I really like Jasper. I don’t get him totally, but I think it’s safe to assume that he really likes Eleanor.


    • I love it too!
      They released the first BTS photo today, so shooting has started. And they promised to answer all our questions next season. I think it might’ve been Lucius, but I’m not sure. I am really curious as to what this Domino business is about since Helena has something to do with it.
      Jasper and Eleanor is like my favourite ship 🙂 but we need to know more about Jasper, where he’s coming from and why he pretends to be someone else.


      • yeah, something about what his parents did, that what Ted said, right? That’s why he pretends to be someone else… he’s american though, the last episode made i clear. I really liked that he hid all that stuff in her bedroom, just in case…

        The Domino thing… it was also on Liam’s necklace, that wasn’t actually his… who was it from then?

        I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did.

        Also, Prudence being pregnant? why? that doesn’t add to anything, her kid would never be a successor to the throne. And Liam and Eleanor are probably Simon’s kids anyway.


      • I have no idea! Domino is a mystery to me.
        Well, while Prudence’s child wouldn’t be the successor, she could be Queen if she blackmails him into marrying her or so. That’s gotta be worth something.
        It doesn’t look like a show one would obsess about at first, but then it really sucks you in. I loved it!


      • i don’t know… she seemed so “pure”… I feel that if she did that, she would be betraying Simon’s memory somehow, you know?

        Gemma is VERY smart! Too bad Cyrus doesn’t have any male kid, she would be all over that.


      • Gemma is incredibly intelligent! To be honest, I didn’t notice that Marcus was in love with Ophelia. I felt so sorry for him, but Gemma totally noticed. If only she didn’t plot so much, I’d really, really like her.


      • i didn’t notice either – and I was looking for the signs because I had already read your post… maybe that time he punched the journalist, or the moment he found her on Liam’s bed…

        he doesn’t have a chance though, even if she was willing, he would never do that to Liam


      • Yeah, I don’t think that he’d ever to that to Liam either. He’s his best mate. And also, I’m not sure anyone stands a chance against Liam. I mean he’s a prince and that other guy Ophelia went out with, Nick, he was a really good guy and she didn’t go for him either.


      • yeah. I like Liam though, he could be a douche, but he’s not. It’s nice. I think they modelled him out of the image of Prince William… and Eleanor is clearly Prince Harry a few years back 😛


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