Chicago PD Season 2 Finale

Guys, I can’t take the Season Finales of my beloved Chicago shows … Now I have to wait until fall for anything new to happen! There are always the best cliffhangers at the end of a Season when it comes to Dick Wolf‘s shows. At least now I can look forward to not only Chicago Fire and Chicago PD continuing, but also the official arrival of Chicago Med!!!
But for now, let’s talk about “Born into Bad News”! (Spoilers included)

I think the chronology of Chicago Fire and Chicago PD is off. There is NO way that Voight and especially Antonio would be this calm and distracted by other cases with Casey missing. I mean seriously, Gabby would give them hell and they know it. So something isn’t quite right, because they didn’t acknowledge that happening at all. (Which to be honest, disappointed me a little …)

Now, on to the “analyzation” of what happened to each of the characters:

  • Erin … I’m at a loss with her. She has Voight and Jay being right there for her and who does she turn to? Her pity excuse of a mother … I can’t believe she is back on drugs and sleeping with that sleazy guy from her past. I do however understand why she is so devastated about Nadia’s death. I don’t think she’s to blame, but Nadia was her best friend and it was cruel what happened to her. At least Platt managed to get her that memorial stone.
    I know that people grieve differently, but I don’t think it’s okay that she quit Intelligence. She pushed everyone away and that’s just so sad.
  • I was really scared for Burzek for a second. I was worried that he couldn’t take it that she was on Intelligence with him, but the real reason for his odd behaviour is simply amazing! He proposed to Kim, after she had to return to being in uniform with Roman because Atwater got cleared after the suicide story. While the timing maybe wasn’t perfect, the proposal was definitely most adorable and such an Adam-thing to do. (quote: “You and I are freaking awesome together.”). So happy she said yes!!!
  • Voight still instills fear in his territory and amongst his enemies and that’s kind of cool. Yet, I can’t help but feel like he is tired of the image he’s created for himself before getting busted. He is after all not such a bad cop, even though his methods may be a little unconventional and borderline illegal sometimes – but most definitely with good intentions. The final case of the season really reflected his development in my opinion. Who knows what old Voight might’ve done?
  • Olinsky’s previous relationship with a woman while working undercover seems to have led to unforeseen “consequences”, namely a daughter who’s currently in juvy. I think he’s a great dad most of the time, but not sure how he’ll be able to master that.
  • Last but not least, Antonio tried to convince Roman and Jay to join him for a business venture (isn’t that more of Herrmann’s territory?). He wants to buy a boxing gym, because the Police Youth Boxing Club changed his life. He can’t get enough money until Voight hands him some stolen drug money (I said he only ever has the best intentions). Yay to that!

I’ll miss Chicago PD and I already can’t deal with the lack of Linstead scenes … it’s going to be a long while until fall 2015. Thoughts?

28 thoughts on “Chicago PD Season 2 Finale

  1. I’m pretty pissed at Erin right now! I wanted to punch her mother in the face!!!

    Old Voight would totally have taken the money and found a way to shot that son-of-a-b**** – I wouldn’t blame him for that.

    I felt that the gym thing was just to give Antonio and Jay something to do this episode, but I’m might be wrong, I would love to see it become what Molly’s has become to the Fire.

    Have I mention how mad I am at erin?!

    Ruzek and Burgess, hell YES!


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