Summer Review: Stitchers

So, ABC Family’s Stitchers just came up on my summer-radar very recently and didn’t have much of a priority. Nonetheless, I still wanted to check it out. This review will include a summary of what the show is actually about, since the Trailer probably doesn’t tell you much, but not really of the entire first episode. Here we go!

Stitchers centers around brilliant student Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta), who, after getting academically suspended, is recruited by a secret government agency for a special program. Since Kristen has a rare condition that makes it impossible for her to feel time pass or develop real emotions, she is perfect for the “Stitchers” program. During said experiment a person gets “stitched” into the memory of dead people to determine what happened to them. Kirsten gets the help from government agent Maggie (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), neuroscientist Cameron (Kyle Harris), bioelectrical engineer Linus (Ritesh Rajan) and her frenemy-roommate Camille (Allison Scagliotti).

Most of the actors and actresses were pretty new to me, so I didn’t have much motivation to watch the show. Unfortunately, it really didn’t resonate with me. While the premise is interesting enough, it all happened a little fast for me. Kirsten is quick to join the program, given she has no other choice, but it still bothered me that she was so willing to be involved in such a crazy experiment. To be honest, I found it extremely difficult to connect with a main character who apparently has no filter whatsoever and no emotions either. The only light at the end of the tunnel was her chemistry with Cameron … It might be interesting to see her exploring emotions through the memories of other people and to find out more about her background though. Also, there was a Doctor Who reference, so it gets plus points for that!

I will give Stitchers the benefit of the doubt and attempt to watch more episodes (because there isn’t much on during the summer anyway), but lets just say it didn’t rock my world.

Have you seen it?

30 thoughts on “Summer Review: Stitchers

  1. I’ll wait to see how the next episodes get received – still have too much to watch until then.

    But hey, at least it seems that ABC family is expanding their types of shows, this leaves somehow a bit more excited for shadowhunters (if it makes any sense)


    • I think the promo for Stitchers actually looks a lot better visually than the show did. I thought it looked a bit cheap … so, I hope they spent their money on Shadowhunters instead of this.
      Well, but they’ve been trying to change their image for a while now and just never really succeeded with it.


      • the only things I watch on ABC family are sitcoms. I watched switched at birth for a while, but then I stopped (though I still really like the show… I should catch up).

        I hope they manage to leave that a bit behind, and produce other good stuff… hey… I’ll give them 6 months to be able to do that!


      • I watched Pretty Little Liars but it started to bore me. I sorta like The Lying Game, but they cancelled it. Twisted was darker but they cancelled it. Ravenswood was also a bit supernatural – got cancelled. The Fosters was okay in the beginning but started to bore me as well … you see how I am not too enthusiastic about their shows?


      • yep, but i think the main problem with ABC family is their series format. So you have season 1A, it has something like 18 episodes, then 3 months later comes season 1B, the same, and so on.
        I hope they do the 13 episodes of shadowhunters, and then wait, because otherwise they can’t produce a good thing. Here I think they have a good showrunner that will rein them in.

        Same problem with baby daddy, I really like the show, but it’s what? on season 4? 5? and the baby is still pretty much a baby!


      • Well the Lying Game Season 2 only had 10 episodes and it didn’t help either. Ravenswood Season 1 had a total of 10 episodes. So the conclusion is that they only ever have so little episodes when they don’t see a future for the show. I doubt they’ll change it for Shadowhunters. But they have like huge mid-season breaks that are practically like breaks between normal seasons anyway.
        I know … the daughter didn’t grow up whatsoever.


      • yep, but when you have a character stuck at the same age/situation, is not like they’re doing anything different for 2 to 3 seasons.

        I’m feeling hopeful though, and well, if they only get one season, I’ll be pretty happy already, especially if it’s better than the movie – which is not really that hard


      • as soon as it was picked up, it was for 13 episodes. what we don’t know is what story they will tell on those 13, if they will only cover City of Bones, or if they’ll get to City of Ashes…

        either way, I think 13 episodes are ideal. 🙂 Anything between 10 and 16 is good. less is too little, more is too much


      • Yeah everything less than 10 is more of a mini-series. But I like shows that have 24 episodes or so.
        I only read that the characters were all supposed to be older than in the books. So, Clary is 18 right from the beginning.


      • yeah, it makes more sense to age them a bit. otherwise it would be pretty weird… right? I mean, first there’s the whole incest thing, it would be worst if they actually had the 16/17 years they’re supposed to have in the book.

        I like the 24 eps shows, when they make 24 good episodes. some shows around eps 16-19 do fillers, and some are boring


      • I think Teen Wolf does a pretty great job with the episode count of about 20.
        It makes some sense, but not that much! I mean the whole Jocelyn thing for example will be ridiculous if Clary is already 18. But isn’t Simon the same age as Clary? Why is he described as being in his early 20s?


      • I thought Simon and Clary were in the same class at school … I don’t remember as much as I should though.
        Well, Jocelyn being so overly protective and not wanting her to go to clubs and the stuff. That is totally legit with a 16-year-old daughter, not so much with someone who’s 18.


      • I don’t know if she going to be so all over the place. I thought she was worst in the movie than in the book. Either way, I think I was 20 when my dad started to feel comfortable about letting me go out. So, I don’t actually see a problem there.
        She and simon are supposed to be the same age, I think they went to kindergarten together or something. but I don’t see it really hard to work around that.


      • Yeah, that’s all not stuff that really bothers me, but it is amongst the things I wonder about. Like, it makes me think that they may have changed more than just little stuff.


      • well, I’ll be ok if they don’t change the basics of the plot. Like Valentine getting the cup at the end of the movie thing. Like demons and almost-vampire simon inside the institute… those things!

        If they make the relationships between the characters “real”, if they sell Jace believing that they’re siblings, if we get SOME Malec action, I’ll be a happy woman.


      • they said that they’re gonna through some action in there (MALEC) and that they really like some scenes from the Bane chronicles… at least I hope we get the first kiss, since it is within the scope of City of Bones.


      • No, because I still haven’t read City of Heavenly Fire. I have my final exam mid-June, so there’s not much time for reading right now. It may take me some time.


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