2 Years of Blogging! Happy Anniversary!

IT’S BEEN 2 YEARS! I’m so happy about this, I can’t even find the proper words. Thank you to everyone who’s visited/commented/liked/followed this blog, whether you came here on purpose or stumbled upon it somewhere in the depths of the interwebs! A lot has changed since last year (which you can check out in detail here) and I want to share those accomplishments with you!

blogVery much like last year, here is the blog in numbers and facts (not just the past year but ever since it started – sorry, I was too lazy to do the math):

  • The total views of the blog amounted up to 32,702.
  • 1,510 comments were made.
  • We’re up to more than 115 followers on the blog itself, 63 people on Twitter and 126 people on Facebook. You go people!
  • This will be post #193!
  • 770 posts were shared. (Thank you for following that specific request from last year)
  • Again, I had visitors from all continents! Yay! (I’m going to take over the world someday muhahaha)
  • The Top Comments are no longer exclusively on Doctor Who posts, but all sorts of topics such as Teen Wolf, Finding Carter, Lust for Love and many more.

If you want to know anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m concluding this with another THANK YOU! Keep reading the blog, keep commenting and liking to make it many more great years to come!

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