Summer Review: Killjoys

The last shows I reviewed were Science Fiction shows, so I thought, why break the streak? Killjoys is another show that airs on Syfy and Space that is rocking futuristic outer space this summer! As always, beware of mild Spoilers!

So, we’re already a couple of episodes into the show and the main plot revolves around a team of Killjoys, who are basically nationless mercenaries that capture (and sometimes kill) high value targets. The team started out as a duo, but soon takes on a very personal mission, involving the brother of one of the members being the target of a kill mission. In order to get him out of the mess, they offer the company another thing or rather person they want and recruit the brother for their own team.

The leads all have great chemistry with each other, there are a lot of mysteries surrounding the characters as they each bring baggage from their past. So far, I find Aaron Ashmore‘s character to  to be the most likable of the bunch, mostly because I don’t yet understand the others as well or at least think that he has the least secrets.  The setting is perfectly standard Sci-Fi, which, in my opinion, makes Killjoys an enjoyable genre-piece. The show is fast-paced with a lot of action and fighting, different missions each time and still a lot to discover.

I heard a lot of people compare it to Firefly, but that’s not what comes to mind for me. I would go into this, not having too high expectations for the show and just enjoy it. It airs on the same night as Dark Matter and somehow I could see them being in the same universe. I don’t know for how long those shows will survive, but if they do, a crossover would be so cool (maybe the Killjoys get a warrant for the crew of the Raza?).

What are your thoughts?

18 thoughts on “Summer Review: Killjoys

  1. Luke MacFarlane!!!! I’m already sold on this, lol!

    The beginning of the trailer screams a bit “Firefly” to me, though the rest certainly does not. I’ll be putting this on my To-Watch list (which is growing bigger by the day…)


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