Summer Review: The Astronaut Wives Club

Although it looks like we’re following a theme here, The Astronaut Wives Club is in no way a Science Fiction TV show like the others I just reviewed. Beware of Spoilers ahead!

Based on Lily Koppel‘s true-story-novel of the same title, The Astronaut Wives Club revolves around the American First Ladies of Space, meaning the wives of the first American astronauts to be sent to space.

Since it’s told from the female point of view, I could imagine that it’s not as interesting for men as it would be if the astronauts themselves recounted their tales. But I am not a man and I like to see that there wasn’t only a rivalry between the men, but also the women. It may seem silly, but those women were strong and they sure didn’t have an easy job holding it all together in the eye of the public. One of my favourite parts of the show is that the men (at least most of them) love their women so much and they know what a tough partner they have in them. They need their wives support but they are also there for them when they need them. Also, I absolutely love the growing tension between Max, the reporter, and Louise, one of the wives that gets cheated on by her now famous husband. So much love all around!

At first I thought the show took on too much. There are so many fabulous characters and you simply cannot give every one of them the same amount of attention. Yet, somehow it works! You soon find yourself rooting for more than one of the wives, while they grow closer as a group, facing their very own and only slightly less important struggles than their men. The show deals with great topics, personal hardships and social taboos of the time.

I think that all in all the show can be very interesting, even for people who aren’t space-fanatics. I’d give it some time, so that you really get the chance to get to know all the wives. The show is really fast paced, sending another man to space every episode. So, you can rest assured, the spotlight is always on a different person.

For all of you who’ve watched the show already: What do you think?

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