Off to Wales I go …

A couple of you already know that I am about to embark on a journey to Wales or more specifically Cardiff. Few of you know that that’s about to happen tomorrow. So, here is the official announcement!

I am really excited about this trip! For one, I totally deserve a proper holiday (it’s been far too long) and second, I want to check out the place and see if I could live there in the future. So, this is not simply a leisure trip but also a sort of job hunt.Β I want to relax and have fun, but I also need to think about the future now that I have my Bachelor degree.

Nonetheless, Cardiff offers a lot for a geek like me and I cannot wait to explore the Doctor Who Experience and the Ianto Jones Shrine. I mean to document this whole journey as best as I can, at least everyone I know expects me to, but I cannot promise anything about when I’ll be able to get to it. Lemony, my laptop and loyal companion, will accompany me, but I’m not sure about my access to the internet and the likes. So, if everything goes well, you’ll soon read a bit different posts from me. If not, then we’ll read each other in slightly more than 2 weeks after I return (August 6) and hopefully have a lot to share.

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