Ant-Man Movie Review

I don’t know about you, but I was not majorly excited about the release of Ant-Man. It had absolutely nothing to do with the cast or the story itself, I just couldn’t really be enthusiastic about yet another superhero movie, although I mostly end up loving them anyway. However, I went into the movie with very low expectations and was pleasantly surprised! Spoilers ahead!

The premise is fairly easy: Back in the days Dr. Pym (Michael Douglas) developed a way to shrink human lifeforms to the size of ants. While it was an effective method to fight enemies, it also brought certain dangers along with it and he decided to keep this technology as far away from SHIELD and all the Starks out there as possible. His former protégé, Dr. Darren Cross (Corey Stoll), found out about it anyway and is on the verge of replicating something even more dangerous. Even though Dr. Pym and his daughter Hope (Evangeline Lilly) had a fallout years ago they team up with former burglar Scott (Paul Rudd) in order to prevent Dr. Cross from formerly launching the upgraded version of Ant-Man called Yellowjacket.

First off, I’m afraid I am still not as excited about the whole movie as other people are, but I can’t say that I didn’t like it either. It was really funny and fun to watch, but in my opinion it just didn’t beat any of the recent Marvel gems. There is no silly romance in the foreground taking up all the spotlight, even though they also couldn’t leave a love story out of it entirely. Even so, Ant-Man is a lot more about family and second chances than anything else and that is something I like very much!

Here are some additional thoughts I had:

  • Paul Rudd is just so lovable. There is seriously nothing he can do that would make him any less adorable, even when he looks kick-ass breaking into a house like a ninja!
  • At the beginning of the movie they showed Michael Douglas at a younger age, and just like in Terminator Genisys with Arnold Schwarzenegger, it looked great and not CGI at all. As always I am amazed at what technology and a good make-up artist can do!
  • Is Judy Greer like the new go-to person when they need someone to play the mom? It’s not that I don’t like her, but after recently seeing her in Jurassic World and playing a mother there as well, I’m just hoping for her that she won’t get stuck with roles like that.
  • I loved, loved, loved the scene with Falcon! I laughed so much, especially when at the end he said something like “We will never tell the Captain about this!”. Crossovers are always amazing and having scenes like that one in the movie, instantly made me like Ant-Man even more.
  • Speaking of cameos: right at the start of the movie get a short appearance of an aged Peggy Carter (as portrayed by Hayley Atwell) and Howard Stark (unfortunately not played by an aged Dominic Cooper, but by the still pretty amazing John Slattery who already portrayed Howard in Iron Man 2).
  • The after-credit scene gave us a first glimpse at the Wasp and I’m looking forward to see Evangeline Lilly in the costume!
  • Last but not least, I think Corey Stoll was great as the villain in my opinion. I usually really like him in everything he does and I had a hard time having to dislike him as Dr. Cross. Still, I enjoy seeing him in whatever he does.

So, what was your opinion of the movie? While it didn’t blow me away, I definitely had fun and it made for good afternoon entertainment.

15 thoughts on “Ant-Man Movie Review

  1. I wasn’t excited about it either, but it was like the only movie out in theaters that my family and I could watch with our friends since it was PG-13. I was surprised and although it wasn’t the best Marvel film, it certainly wasn’t the worst! I am really excited to see Ant-Man in the new Captain America movie!

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