Armada Book Review

I’ve just finished another book from my August TBR and this time it’s Armada also by Ernest Cline. If you haven’t read my review about his first novel Ready Player One, you should click here to read it! Again, I’ll try to keep this review as Spoiler-free as possible but I am more than happy to discuss the book in more detail in the comments.


Zack Lightman spends much of his time gaming, but when one of the spaceships from his favourite game Armada appears in front of his school, he starts doubting his sanity. What Zack is seeing is all too real though. It tuns out the game was preparing him for real battle all along and soon his gaming skills, as well as those of million others, will be needed to defend earth against an extraterrestrial threat. 

(If you want to read the full Goodreads synopsis, just click on the cover!)

I think I am probably one of very few people who thinks so, but I actually liked Armada more than I liked Ready Player One. The story felt a lot more fluent and didn’t drag as much. Again, Cline takes his time to set-up the world we are living in and the circumstances we have to deal with. I feel like this is sort of his trademark since it also took some time until things really kicked off in Ready Player One in my opinion. I get that Armada‘s set-up is a lot simpler than the one of RPO, but it didn’t actually bother me as much. Also, the references were still there but in comparison more modest and not so overwhelming.

He sort of lost me for a moment when he mentioned a giant swastika etched into the surface of Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. I got over it eventually, but couldn’t it have been any other one of Jupiter’s moons? And did it really have to be a Nazi-symbol? It totally made sense in the end, but I am sensitive when it comes to World War II related stuff. Maybe it’s because of where I am from, maybe it’s just me. Right then it turned me off from wanting to read on, because that topic is just annoying to me, but as I said, I got over it and it was fine.

There are a lot of plot- and character-twists along the way and I very much liked the ending! It is sort of happy-ish but with a lot to think about. I don’t feel like I got cheated out of the ultimate answer, but more like it left an opening for a continuation of some sort.

A movie adaptation is not only very likely for this book (I think they were already discussing it before the book was even released) but I can also imagine it looking really good.

Fazit: 4/5 stars So, maybe it takes a little until the story takes off, but I really enjoyed it and think it’s definitely worth a read.

What are your thoughts?

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