The Fireworks Book Tag

It’s a slow day, so I’m getting to this super fast. I’ve just been tagged by Cristina @MyTinyObsessions to do the Fireworks Book Tag. So let’s light the fuse!


SCREAMERS – a book that made you want to scream! (in a good or bad way)

I often make those little squeals of happiness while reading a good book, but I wanted to pick something where I was more frustrated. Therefore I choose Geek Girl by Holly Smale. It’s about a geek girl that wants to get rid of her bad rep and turns into a model just to realise that it’s not bad to be a geek … I was so annoyed with her! WHY WERE YOU OFFENDED ABOUT BEING CALLED A GEEK!? IT’S NOTHING BAD!!!

Geek Girl (Geek Girl, #1)

BOMBERS – a book that you read before it “exploded” in the book community

I’m afraid I don’t know how to answer that. I have checked up on the book community for a while now, but it’s also where I get my book-buying inspiration from. So …

no idea

BANGER – a banned book you’ve read

Again, this is really hard to answer. There’s only one book banned in my country and that’s Mein Kampf by Hitler … so, nope, I don’t even want to read that!


PEONY – a book/author you think everyone needs to read

Cornelia Funke and Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler are responsible for some of my best childhood-book-memories so I’m going to go with them. There are so many more authors and books that I’ve loved ever since, the list would be endless if I continued.


CROSSETTE – a book/series with a complicated plot

I wanted to say Game of Thrones, but Cristina already beat me to that (but know that that would’ve been my first answer. SO many names to remember!) … so, I’ll take Angelology by Danielle Trussoni instead! From what I remember it’s quite a lenghty book and includes different POV’s in different time periods. It’s been a while since I read it and I was quite fascinated with it, but it was just too much for me, so I didn’t pick up the sequel.

Angelology (Angelology, #1)

DIADEM – a book/series with an amazing set of central characters

The Dark Reflections Trilogy!!! The books are written by Kai Meyer, a German author, so I also read them in German. I don’t even know all the English titles and I prefer the German covers, that’s why I chose them to be portrayed below.
I was SO in love with the book series, even though I never owned them, but borrowed them from my cousin. It takes place in a sort of mirrored magical version of Venice (that was totally my thing as a kid – magic Venice!) I liked almost every character that existed in the book, because they were all so intriguing and magical. I was devastated in the end …

MATCHES – light your own fireworks by tagging 5 people!

26 thoughts on “The Fireworks Book Tag

  1. OMG, that gif of Andrew Garfield is so CUTE!!! 😀 Yeah, Game of Thrones is a pain in the a**, there’s a lot of names, AND some names are very very similar!

    Those german covers are gorgeous, but why is she always in the same position?

    Mein Kampf is banned mostly everywhere, right?


    • Andrew Garfield always works his magic 😉
      I KNOW! Like Osha and Asha? Are they serious? They changed Asha’s name in the TV show so that it would be easier hahaha
      Maybe she’s always running? Or they were just too lazy to change much about the figure? (I’m guessing the latter)
      I would hope so! There are always weird exceptions though.


      • Yes, and I only read the 2 first books and my head was already exploding with names… 😦 (i need to finish the series though)

        probably the laziness!

        I assume the weird exceptions are places like North Korea and such? Either way, I assume it’s banned in Portugal, and the rest of europe


      • I read 4.5 of the books. I just CANNOT get through the fifth book. It bores me too much …
        I think so too.
        Oh, it’s definitely banned in Europa. I think all the countries that were somehow involved in WWII have a ban on it.


      • wow, you made it to the 5th!!! Good for you! 😀

        (yeah, Portugal was not involved in WWII… we were under a dictatorship and maintained “neutral”, same with Spain…)


      • The first 2 dragged so much because previous to reading the books, I just binged the first two seasons of the show. It was way too similar and that made it boring. Then, since the other seasons weren’t out yet, the books suddenly became a lot more exciting! I flew through the third one! The fourth was meh … and the fifth is dragging again. I think it depends a lot on whose POV you enjoy to read and I have a weird taste. Like my favourite is Sansa and she’s not in book 5 (since book 4 and 5 are actually happening at the same time but there were too many characters for one book -.-).
        Oh right … I still think that it’s banned in all of the EU and associating countries now. I have no idea ahahaha


      • it’s just so damn complex – the names don’t help, and the fact that it’s always switching sometimes doesn’t either.

        In portugal they divided all of the books in volumes, which I didn’t like, but now see its usefulness… the sheer size of these books is intimidating as hell! that doesn’t help either


      • Yeah, they divided each book in German as well. I think they even divided the books in English in the new edition, because I saw some at Waterstones in Wales that were Part I and Part II of the same volume.


      • lol, no, I guess I’m done, I’ll listen to Yes Please at some point, but I’m in no rush. And listening to fiction in audio form just doesn’t work for me, I don’t know why… I could listen to Ready Player One and Armada though, they’re read by Wil Wheaton


      • it’s weird, mainly because of the dialogue, it’s one thing to read it in you voice inside you head, but have a 3ºperson read it to you… nah… I’m sticking to non-fiction audiobooks


  2. Thank you so much 🙂 Haha Geek Girl is on my tbr 😀 I feel the same about the Banger book. I always get recommendations from Booktube or Goodreads so all the books I read are already very popular 🙂


      • Thank you x. It’s okay, I don’t think I’ll enjoy it that much, but I’m just going to save it as a “light” read. I find many books frustrating too and it’s hard to talk about them without feeling bad, I know 🙂


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