Fantastic Four (2015) Movie Review

Okay, let me start with this: EVERYBODY NEEDS TO CHILL OUT AND BACK OFF THIS MOVIE! Are there better movies than Fantastic Four? Of course! Are there worst ones? Hell yeah! Clear enough? Good, then let’s start this review! (Spoiler-free)

So, for anyone who didn’t grasp the story from the trailer above, here you go: A bunch of young scientist attempt inter-dimensional travel, it goes wrong and they all develop unique abilities.

Now, it is true that the movie has its flaws. Josh Trank, the director, distanced himself from the final cut of the movie, saying that a year ago, he had a version the critics would’ve liked. Well, as much as I can imagine that, we’ll never know. I feel like it’s a really long origin story that takes its time to set everything up in great detail. You sort of give up hope for some action, but in the end there’s some sort of rushed final battle. In my eyes, it seems like the build-up for something that has yet to come, because not a lot happened in a movie that felt way too short.

Other people criticised the visual effects … well, I sort of have to agree on that one. Partially, they really didn’t look that great. With all those expensive Marvel and DC flicks out there, we sort of got spoiled in that department and I’m afraid that Fantastic Four really can’t always keep up. However, there is one point where I absolutely don’t agree with everyone else – the cast. I think they do have chemistry. I like the still distant and cautious, but growing relationship between Reed and Sue. I like the friendship between Ben and Reed. And I also very much like the awkward sibling-relationship between Sue and Johnny. They did waste an opportunity with Victor von Doom though. Yet, Miles Teller was as always a beacon of light for me, because he’s just a really good actor and it hurt me to watch his character be in such pain. (Funny enough, they even made sure that the kid actor who played young Reed had the same scars as Teller)

This reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise was definitely very different from the previous version, still being funny, but mostly being a lot darker. There seems to have been a lot of disharmony on set (What did I hear about an almost-fight between Teller and Trank breaking out?) and it sort of showed with the release. I kept this intentionally short, because there are already a gazillion reviews out there, but I didn’t feel like joining in with all the haters. I admit that this is not really a masterpiece and that there were a lot of better superhero movies in the past couple of years. Still, I can’t deny that I’d really like to see a sequel with this cast and now I’m not sure if it will ever happen. If it does, it definitely won’t be with Trank. In the end, I think everyone needs to chill a little and lower their expectations. What are your thoughts?

P.S.: There is no post-credit scene, so don’t wait for it … it’s only disappointing to sit there for nothing.

21 thoughts on “Fantastic Four (2015) Movie Review

  1. I’m 99% that someone must have forced me to watch the first Fantastic Four and yet until your synopsis, I had no idea what the basic premise was.


  2. I understand the reason for all the critical disdain. This is NOT a Marvel Comics Universe movie; it’s a movie made by another studio that picked up the rights to the Fantastic Four franchise back during Marvel’s bankruptcy/fire-sale says, and is merely cynically churning out a filler movie just to keep Marvel from getting the rights back (as did Sony with their recent 2-film “Amazing” Spider-Man cycle).

    That said, most of the criticisms I’ve seen have gone after the movie on its own merits, and not the bookkeeping.

    I haven’t gotten around to seeing it, but that’s more due to my schedule than to any active dislike…


    • It still has the Marvel logo when the movie starts 😛
      I get what you are saying though and I never said that it is part of the Marvel universe. I just mentioned that we shouldn’t compare it to recent movies such as the Avengers (just because I couldn’t think of a DC movie I watched lately, my main point was another superhero movie).


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