The Martian Book Review & Movie Anticipation

I’m really making progress on my August TBR and The Martian by Andy Weir has easily become one of my favourite books ever! I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you guys, but I promise to keep the review as spoiler-free as possible (can’t necessarily say the same for the comments!)

The Martian

Mark Watney is one of the first people to have set foot on Mars and he will be the first to die there. At least that’s what he thinks when he finds himself stranded on the desert planet with no communication and running out of food. But Mark isn’t ready to give up just yet and uses everything he’s got (including his mad botany skills) to try and survive what Mars throws at him. Will it be enough?

There is not one moment where you’re not rooting for Mark Watney! He is such a great character, insanely smart and he never looses his humour which makes for some moments that will make you laugh out loud no matter where you are (even on public transport – I speak from experience!). The story is so engaging and exciting, I was often at the edge of my seat, wondering with what he would come up next.

Some people didn’t like the different POV’s that much but I really enjoyed Weir‘s style of writing. It starts out with log entries of Watney, but a few chapters in you also get to see what’s happening on earth in the meantime and at some point even the crew’s POV is added.

From what I understand, there are very few inaccuracies (aside from the tragedy’s initiating storm) in the story concerning the science. I am really no science or even technology buff, but everything explained made sense to me and was very understandable too. All the more credit to Weir, since he researched it all himself and didn’t have contact with NASA until after publication.

You may not believe it, but this book started out as a self-published science-fiction serial that the author used to publish for free on his website. Look where it’s now! It’s on top of Bestseller lists all over the world and about to be released in movie theaters! I’m so happy I decided to pick up this story!

Book Fazit: Solid 5/5 stars!

Talking about the movie, I am massively excited about it. I prepared (or rather just took an existing) playlist from YouTube including the Trailer and some prequel web exclusives (introduction of the crew and psych eval) to watch for you at the end of this post.

The cast includes Matt Damon as Mark Watney. Jeff Daniels, Kristen Wiig, Chiwetel Ejiofer, Donald Glover and Mackenzie Davies will be among the ground staff. Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara, Sebastian Stan, Michael Peña and Aksel Hennie conclude the team by portraying the rest of the Ares crew. I am really happy with the selection of actors and actresses, except maybe for Aksel Hennie as Alex Vogel. Why couldn’t they have picked someone who’s actually German to portray the role? I don’t have anything against him, but Hennie is Norwegian and while his accent does sound sort of German I suppose, he has to say actual German phrases or words and they do not sound right. Also, for some reason they changed Dr. Kapoor’s first name from Venkat to Vincent. Why? I have no idea.

Other than that I think they stayed really close to the book which makes me glad. Re-watching the trailer after reading the book,  I just recognise so many scenes. What are your thoughts? Let’s talk in the comments!

29 thoughts on “The Martian Book Review & Movie Anticipation

  1. now I kind of want to read it, although I initially thought it wasn’t my kind of book. I haven’t watched the trailer yet, I read somewhere that it’s spoilery and I want to have my brain clean when I start reading it 😀

    when does the movie come out?


  2. I read the book and loved it, devoured it. Then I read the supplemental materials appended to the Kindle edition, and the interviewer asked: “Star Trek or Star Wars?”… and Weir replied: “Doctor Who”. Yeah. That just confirms it. My kinda book! I do think that Watney the character would have been about 20 years younger than Matt Damon is… but it’s the kind of role Damon does well. I think they changed Venkat to Vincent to accommodate the fact that the actor playing him is clearly not of 100% South Asian descent… still, the movie is certainly not going to suffer from having that actor in it!


    • My book has the extra libris part with interviews and questions and stuff like that. I think the question you mentioned was in there as well 🙂
      I see what you mean about the name! I still think that Chiwetel could’ve pulled of the name Venkat though.
      And yeah, I always imagined Watney older than Beck and Johanssen but younger than Matt Damon.
      I believe the movie will be great!


    • Thank you :D!
      I’m usually more of a dystopian fan rather than sci fi reader myself, but I just loved this book. I was really hesitant at first but now I am super happy that I’ve picked it up. I hope you’ll like it too if you end up reading it!

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