Teen Wolf Season 5 Summer Finale

I can’t believe how quickly this first part of Season 5 (which is split just like Season 3 was) of Teen Wolf has gone by. This review definitely contains Spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the Summer Finale yet, beware!!

So, WOW! I mean the season already started with a bang, but I did not expect it to be so … dreadful. (See what I did there? Dreadful – Dread Doctors? No? Okay, I’ll stop …) This season was definitely cool, edgy and a lot darker than the previous ones, but I am not sure I how I feel about it. The pack always had obstacles to overcome, but this, it’s just looking bleak now. During the entire season, there was barely any beacon of hope visible (except for cute puppy love scenes between Hayden and Liam), everything was just doom and gloom and I think that sort of dragged me down.

Also, I had a hard time seeing any character development for the better here, because let’s face it, everything pretty much fell apart. Let’s recap what happened and where we are right now with the different storylines:

  • So, Theo is evil. That was kind of predictable. Turns out he is a chimera of some sort and one of the first experiments of the Dread Doctors to succeed. He wanted Scott’s pack for himself, but in the end he revived all the “failed” experiments and made them his pack. Only good thing about that in my opinion is that there’s now a chance for Layden to happen again.
  • Scott really messed it up. Stiles is one of the most important people in his life and he didn’t listen when he expressed his distrust of Theo and even more shockingly he believed Theo when he told his pretty little lie (couldn’t resist, sorry …) about how Stiles killed Donovan. Man, you should have trusted Stiles! Also, he knew that something was going on with Kira and ignored it instead of tackling the problem. Now she’s gone …
    Now that he lost the pack, the fight against Theo and almost his life. I don’t know where he stands. He has a lot of fixing to do.
  • We all knew Liam had anger issues, but it broke my heart to see him fight with Scott that much. I understand where he’s coming from, but he will have a hard time forgiving himself for not being there for Hayden during her last moments.
  • Marrish was kind of cute throughout the Season and we FINALLY know what Parrish is: a hellhound. I don’t know what exactly that entails, but it’s cool that we can put a label on it now. And Lydia? She trained with Parrish, but she still needs to work on those badass Banshee-moves. I don’t know where she’s at right now – hanging on to her life I guess and being out of her mind after what Theo did to her.
  • Malia and Stiles are growing apart as they continue to keep secrets from each other. (Theo hitting on Malia, sometimes even naked, doesn’t help either I guess) Also, we ended up meeting the desert wolf and she’s out to kill Malia. Why? We’ll hopefully find out in 5B.
  • Void Stiles – who came up with that???? I don’t fully understand that to be honest, but it’s cool that he’s not seen as the disposable one of the pack. He cannot loose his father though! Absolutely not!
  • Roscoe the jeep got way too much screen time …
  • The episode ends with the Dread Doctors revealing a fresco behind a wall. Jeff Davis said the attentive viewer will get behind it’s significance, but I have no clue.

So, basically Teen Wolf once again gave us no closure whatsoever and left us with a ton of questions to wait 5 months (yes, you’ve heard that right) until Season 5B starts airing. What can we expect to come? Apparently a lot of the questions will be solved while other mysteries will get carried over. Fixing relationships will be a big part of 5B’s theme, seen as almost everyone is broken up right now. Since the timeline is pretty condensed, we will not see the pack graduate – we are not that far apparently. From what I hear it’s still uncertain how the show continues after that. Season 6 could be it, or maybe Tyler Posey‘s character Scott will move into more of a Derek Hale position, while Liam takes over as the new Scott. All is possible!

What were your thoughts on Teen Wolf Season 5A? Did you enjoy it?

18 thoughts on “Teen Wolf Season 5 Summer Finale

  1. I just finished it, and I’m actually pretty satisfied with the summer finale. It had way less cliffhangers than I expected, which means I’ll hang onto what’s left of my sanity. Also, I like bleak and dark (obviously), so I’ve been enjoying what’s happening, down to every single twist. Plus the Dread Doctors are awesome and creepy villains (by the way, what was that they were saying at the end? “Immense success” or “Our next success”? I couldn’t tell) and I really want to read that book of theirs. And I’d like to know the meaning of that fresco. It looked like a bezerker taking on a…I don’t know what. Some sort of clash of the titans, maybe? Another reference to the Wild Hunt and Celtic culture? We’ll have to wait till January to find out (Oh God, I don’t want to wait!).


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