Downton Abbey Final Series Trailer

I still can’t believe that’s it … on September 20 this year, the final season of Downton Abbey will air on itv. I love the show to bits and am really sad it’s ending, but there is always the consolation that there might be one or two movies with the cast afterwards, continuing the story at least a little bit.

So, as you can tell from the trailer below, it will be a very emotional farewell. Time to say goodbye …

There are surprisingly few Spoilers coursing through the internet about this. However, it is suggested that theย Crawleys will probably have to sell off parts of their estate and let go some staff to adjust to the economy.

What are your thoughts on the final season? I bet tears will be involved …

43 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Final Series Trailer

  1. I expect it will end in the present day with Downton Abbey having become a museum. There’ll probably be a tour guide expositing what the characters went on to do. We might even see modern versions of them as visitors.


    • Do you just assume this, or have you read it somewhere? Because they’ve all been very secretive about Spoilers and I could barely find anything.
      Also, the producers say that there is still a chance of them making movies that continue the story every once in a while, so I can’t imagine it going that far into the future …


      • It just strikes me as “the way I’d do it”. I’ve seen a lot of series finales, so I notice a lot of patterns emerging. Which means if they do some other way, and it still works, they’ve impressed me.


  2. I just watched the trailer today and it already made me cry. I actually watched the season five yesterday and it is just so horrible sad that they are ending it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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