Chicago PD Season 3 First Look

Other than the preview of Chicago Fire, the First Look for Chicago PD Season 3 is much shorter. I don’t know why they did it differently for both shows, but 30 seconds is better than nothing.


For all of those who can’t remember everything about the Chicago PD Season Finaleyou can read up on it here. Let’s just say, we all could see that Erin wasn’t handling Nadia’s death very well and we all got mad at her for the choices she made. Most of all Jay, because it is one thing to not want to be in a romantic relationship, but a whole other thing to just leave your partner without saying anything. That is a big deal and she really screwed up, but see what that leads to yourself:

Now, as far as Spoilers go:

Lindsay’s mom will appear a couple more times now to spend time (drinking) with her daughter. I do not approve of that, Erin needs to get back on track and not disappoint Jay and Voight any further. She’ll have to prove herself to the team and for the beginning, let’s just say there won’t be any romantic Linstead happenings. Speaking of Voight though, he’ll have to face some of the things he did in the past when a convict gets out early due to a mistake he made. The realisation of how dirty a cop he was mixed with some self-loathing will probably be the result of that. There is not much else to be found, since as always, the focus is mainly on Lindsay. BUT I personally expect to see some wedding planning for Burzek and Antonio working at his new boxing club. And I just want my Halstead to be okay, because that promo waws scary. That’s what I hope to see!

So, who else can’t wait for September 30? It’s less than a month away and I am so happy to have the show back!!!

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