Chicago Med Season 1 First Look

ChicagoMed_16x9_KA 2_NewLogo.jpg

Okay, so I did it for the new Seasons of Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, now I feel like I am obliged to do it for Chicago Med as well even though this is a little pointless. The promo basically just showed a lot of scenes from the backdoor pilot on Chicago Fire, but at least the date is set for November 17 this year! YAY!

There aren’t that many Spoilers and infos floating around, but I’ll try my best! The order for the first season consists of 13 episodes. I know that several crossovers with the other Chicago shows, as well as with Law & Order: SVU are planned for early 2016. Laurie Holden, who played Dr. Hanna Tramblen (and can still be seen on the right of the picture above) had to leave the show due to family reasons. I guess there won’t be any romancing with Will Halstead then, which means he needs a new love interest and it better be someone cool!

A couple of people have been added to the cast since the backdoor pilot:

  • Brian Tee has joined the cast and will play a resident who went into medicine after several tours of duty as an Army medic.
  • Colin Morgan (who we should all know as Tommy from Arrow) has also been added as series regular, but there is not much known about his role. He is possibly expected to be a pediatric doctor, but it hasn’t been confirmed.
  • Torrey DeVitto (from TVD and PLL) will portray a pregnant emergency room doctor named Dr. Lilly Manning.
  • (this one I found out thanks to Cristina @MyTinyObsessions who helped me out in the comments) Rachel DiPillo (Jane the Virgin) will be interning as Dr. Sarah Reese at the ER and is fresh out of med school.

I am super excited about the show, but it’s still too early to know what all will actually happen. I already know that I’ll be very invested in what Dr. Halstead is doing, simply because he’s Jay’s brother. Other than that I’ll be happy to let myself be surprised. Are you excited too?

35 thoughts on “Chicago Med Season 1 First Look

    • Hmm, is it just me or does she look a little like Chili?
      I apparently have missed her casting hahaha well, I don’t know about Will. It would be very cliché if he had a thing with the intern. But it would still be better than him having a thing with April. So, I don’t know. Maybe.


      • Oh her!! I couldn’t remember actually seeing her on Jane the Virgin. Is she the one who befriended Jane just to date Michael again or something like that?
        The picture on Deadline just really made her look like Chili from Chicago Fire.
        But you’re right it all depends on the context. I once read rumours that Dawson might have a thing for Will, but that won’t happen now I guess hahaha although I could totally see it. But I guess I can just ship Gabby with anyone these days.


      • yes, that’s her!

        wouldn’t it be weird for gabby to have a thing with will? I mean, she’s Antonio’s sister, and she already had a thing with Jay… they’re brothers, it’s weird


      • What does that have to do with Antonio? And Jay and her were totally not that serious. But I know, it would be weird if she dated her ex’ brother, but I could still see it. I read that somewhere before the backdoor pilot aired, I don’t think it’s gonna happen any time.


      • nope.
        “When we meet her, she’s very pregnant. She’s just a really sweet, warm, midwest [woman who] planned it out, studied, worked hard, got everything to where she wanted – the husband and everything going the way it’s supposed to be going,” he says. “But this is her first child, and it seems to me, at the end of the day, there’s a little bit of denial [about] the fact that she’s about to undergo an enormous change in her life.”
        I just think that that’s going to get really complicated really soon.
        I just read that they added 3 new female characters. But so far I only know 2. Have you heard anything about the third person`?


      • no, I don’t think they casted her yet, and at this point, I’m not sure they will…

        that seems like a lot of drama, I would have liked to see her get to that point, but we’ll see if it works


      • It would be pretty late to add another cast member, but maybe they just want to make it a surprise hahaha
        I think it will be pretty inconvenient for her to be super pregnant and an ER doc, but yeah … we missed out on the journey of that one.


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