Daydreamer Short Film

This is the first time ever that I’m talking about a short film on my blog, but when a friend of mine invited me to the team screening of his film “Daydreamer” I could not possibly decline and felt like I should share this with you guys.


They rented a screen at a nearby cinema and I was happy to see that the quite big room was pretty much full. Let me tell you a bit about the project though. The film was produced by Rafal Studios and lot of my classmates and friends from uni were involved. It was written and directed by Thaddäus Reich and is roughly 19 minutes long. The official synopsis is as follows:

“Moments before they reach the liberating border, two soldiers are trapped by a sniper closing in on them. The only escape seems to lie hidden in a playful childhood.”

The film wasn’t as confusing as I feared, but its disturbing ending definitely gave me food for thought. (I bet this short could spark another gun control debate!) However, I wasn’t surprised that Daydreamer had a gorgeous cinematography and an intense score to accentuate it. Since there is no dialogue, there’s also no language barrier which probably lead to the amazing fact that the film will be shown at the San Diego Film Festival and is in consideration for the Maverick Movie Awards. Since they are still a very young company coming from Austria, I think this is a really huge deal and I am so very excited for them!

If you want to know more about the film, you should go and visit at They are currently working to add to the site and after the festival circle you’ll be able to watch the movie there for free. For now you should head over to see the Trailer though!

In other news, the producer of Daydreamer Thomas Strini is already working on his next project RnR. It’s quite a different genre from the one he did before and quite honestly one I am not very familiar with. The film will be the kind of horror story that doesn’t show itself in the shape of a supernatural creature, but rather in a very familiar everyday setting which makes it all the more creepier.


So, they haven’t started shooting yet, so if you want to follow that process you should check out their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds to stay up to date. Also, around October they’ll still need some help with the Crowdinvestment (which is different from crowdfunding in so far that you’ll get part of the profit – if there is one!). For more information check in over at every now then, especially if you think you might want to be part of it!

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