Jenna Coleman Leaves Doctor Who!


Rumours were flying around about Jenna Coleman leaving after Season 9 and now it has finally been confirmed. I am a little sad to see her go (as I would be with every companion). I really liked her when she first appeared, as you could probably guess by my username, but it’s definitely time! After Season 9 is through, she’ll be the longest serving companion on Doctor WhoΒ since the rebootΒ and I am hoping she’ll go out with a bang.

To be honest, Season 8 was somewhat of a mess. The show was completely out of balance and rather mediocre in terms of episodes. The focus was way too much on Clara instead of getting to know Twelve, which would have been the important thing to do. I was disappointed that she changed her mind about leaving the show, because I think that the Christmas Special would have been a great way to end her story. However, I think she wasn’t attached to any new projects at that time and now she is going to star as the titular role in ITV’s Queen Victoria drama.

So, I am curious to see how she’ll leave the show and hope that it makes more sense than it did with the Ponds. We all knew the Doctor could have found a way to get them. In terms of the new companion, I just hope that it is someone entirely new. I watched a video on Nerdist where they discussed possible options for the role of companion, but I wasn’t happy about any of them. (Watch the video here) I think we could use a fresh start instead of someone who’s already been on the show. Do you have a preference for the new companion?

Season 9 will start tomorrow and for the first time I am only moderately excited. I hope it’s better than the last season. Here is the trailer in case you haven’t seen it yet!

52 thoughts on “Jenna Coleman Leaves Doctor Who!

  1. Well, if you’re confirming it, I guess I can believe it. It’s sad, but what are you going to do. And I would like someone new as well (if Steven Moffat ever wants my help, I can help create a very awesome new companion or two). I just hope that they resolve the whole thing with Danny and Orson Pink somehow (maybe his sperm were frozen prior to his leaving this world).
    By the way, Clara’s the longest-running companion of New Who. Of all Doctor Who, probably Sarah Jane Smith, Jaime McCrimmon, or Tegan Jovanka are the longest running companions.


    • Maybe the Orson Pink thing is just an alternate time-line or something like that? From what I heard in interviews, Clara gets over Danny pretty quickly, so she definitely wouldn’t use his frozen sperm and she was definitely Orson’s grandmother. Maybe she’s already pregnant but didn’t realise it? I have no idea.

      Ooops, I’ll fix that right away :/


      • If it was an alternate timeline, the episode “Listen” would be totally erased, which means that some of what happened in that episode would be erased, and that might cause problems in any timeline.
        I think they’ll resolve that problem somehow. Not sure how, but maybe with a surprise guest appearnce or something. You never know. Doctor Who is always full of surprises.


      • Or they just leave it a plot hole forever like how Eleven and Clara got out of his his time stream-thing after the Name of the Doctor. Or how Clara could be a teacher within a couple of months without having any training or education and never having mentioned wanting to do this.


      • Teach for America supposedly prepares teachers within a couple of weeks and for a lot cheaper than grad school. Really it’s funded by companies who need cheap, unskilled workers, so they deliberately under-prepare teachers who can’t handle their students once they get jobs (usually in low-income neighborhoods with crowded classrooms and students who need more help than most). These teachers quickly leave the professions, and the kids end up in low-income jobs, and the companies benefit.
        And if it weren’t for these companies’ far reach, this might not even be happening.

        On another note, what do we know about Clara pre-Doctor? She was a nanny, looking after her friend’s kids, but what about before that? For all we know, she may have gotten her teaching license, she just never got a chance to use it until her nanny-ing was done.


      • Hmm interesting. It is not so much that I was wondering how they’d handle the classroom, but more like how prepared and knowledgeable they were about the subjects they taught.

        It’s true we don’t know much about what Clara did before the she met the Doctor. I just always imagined her as someone who wanted to travel the world and who hadn’t finished her studies yet. Also, I didn’t really see her as a teacher just because she got along with kids.


  2. I agree, hoping that the new companion will be totally new! I’d like to see an alien as the companion. I get that we need a human to be our touchstone in the show, so maybe a threesome again, one human and one alien (one female and one male)? But WITHOUT a romantic triangle or even romance of any kind between the three. Let them fall in love with people outside of the TARDIS.

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    • That is actually a good idea and while I am an advocate of romance of all kinds, companions need something to ground them or otherwise they’d travel with the Doctor forever – a love interest outside of the TARDIS could definitely help with that.


  3. I loved Capaldi, and almost all of the Series 8 episodes. I just felt like Clara fell flat. She was a completely different person than she was in Matt Smith’s final episodes, and I didn’t really like the new person that she was. Granted, Coleman did some tremendous stuff with the character, but I wasn’t crazy about how Clara was written.

    I’m also a bit less than sanguine about the new season. I somehow managed to miss that there was an NYC premiere and thus watched 80% of my newsfeed post photos from the premeiere which I hadn’t even heard about. I’m not even home most of tomorrow so might not even get to see the thing until Sunday morning. I still have Moffat Fatigue, I guess ….


    • I don’t know. I just didn’t feel like I could really connect with Capaldi because the focus was on Clara so much. And of course she was different than she was with Matt. She had to figure out of she stands with Twelve, since she obviously had a crush on Eleven. Their whole relationship had to be newly determined and therefore she was different.


  4. Series 8 was a bit rocky for me. There were times I liked The Doctor, but other times were “meh.” I think I’m still getting over the loss of eleven (and ten if I’m being honest). I still have hope to learn to love this doctor though! As for the companions, I have loved most of them, but none will compare to Rose </3

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    • Yeah, it was rocky for me as well. I totally get having to get over Eleven/Ten! I think it may have been easier on everyone if we actually got to know Twelve, but I still feel like I barely know him at all because it was about Clara so much.
      I see, a Rose fan! Rose was a good companion. I loved Donna and Amy and Clara in the beginning as well though. I like almost all the companions. Rory, Craig and Jack were great too.

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