Man Up (Movie Review)

As a little surprise I won’t be talking about the new show Rosewood today (which just really isn’t worth talking about, everything interesting got revealed in the first episode). Instead I want to talk about Man Up!

As always some facts up first:

Genre: Romance/Comedy
Length: 88 min
Cast: Lake Bell, Simon Pegg, Olivia Williams, Ophelia Lovibond, Rory Kinnear,ย Stephen Campbell Moore, …
Director: Ben Palmer
Writer: Tess Morris

Nancy (Lake Bell) is a cynic and despite her sister’s encouragement just doesn’t really put herself out there into the dating world. However, fate intervenes and she gets mistaken for someone’s blind date. Instantly hitting it off with Jack (Simon Pegg), she decides to play along. Obviously this can’t go on forever.

I just love everything that has Simon Pegg in it, because I can’t help but smile every time I see him, so he was also the reason I checked out this movie. I do not regret it! Lake Bell and Simon Pegg play off each other perfectly. A lot of the time it comes down to the leads and their chemistry and this time it was fizzy and weird yet so delightfully good. Unlike in many other Romantic Comedies these days the romance doesn’t feel thrown into your face or unrealistic – it develops and therefore feels a lot more genuine. Also, it’s just really funny and clever – not simply a cheesy flick. In addition to that the story seems original, because I definitely haven’t heard of stealing someone’s blind date before.

There maybe were a few elements I could have done without, like Sean – Rory Kinnear‘s character. The ending looses a bit of the smart wittiness, but remains cute. Who wouldn’t want a happy ending after all? Ultimately, this was so much fun to watch and it is truly a feel-good movie.

Fazit:ย Honestly one of the best British Rom-Com’s of the year!

This was rather short and sweet. What do you think? Would you watch Man Up?

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