Summer Sitcoms You Might Have Missed


I was thinking about what kept me upbeat during the TV hole that is summer and I came up with a couple of sitcoms. Some of them are still running others were during the summer only. However, here they are!


Channel: TBS
Cast: Ashley Tisdale, Mike Castle, Lauren Lapkus, Ryan Pinkston, Matt Cook and George Wendt

I have to admit that I started watching Clipped purely out of boredom, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. It’s a workplace comedy that almost exclusively takes place at the barbershop. The characters are all quirky in their own way and you can’t help but like them. Maybe it didn’t stand out next to brilliantly scripted shows like UnREAL, but it’s fun in its own way. It definitely helped me through some boring and hot days where I didn’t feel like leaving the house.

Significant Mother

Channel: CW
Cast: Josh Zuckerman, Krista Allen, Nathaniel Buzolic, Emma Fitzpatrick, Jonathan Silverman, Jay Ali, …

Significant Mother takes place in Portland, Oregon – one of my favourite places on the planet. Portland is weird and so is this show, which is only one of the reasons why I like it so much. It’s just really fun and plays with stereotypes a lot. If you haven’t given it a try yet, you definitely should!

Kevin From Work

Channel: ABC Family
Cast: Noah Reid, Paige Spara, Jordan Hinson, Matt Murray, Punam Patel, Jason Rogel, Amy Sedaris, …

I was sort of dubious about it at first, but it had Matt Murray from Rookie Blue in it, so I checked it out. Man this is so much cuter and weirder than I thought it would be. Noah Reid as Kevin is adorably dorky and very relatable in my opinion. Many of the characters are way over the top and I think you kind of have to be into that sort of thing. However, I like it.


Channel: BBC Three
Cast: Mandeep Dhillon, William Melling, Katy Wix, Imran Yusuf, Matthew Cottle, Lorna Gayle, …

I had to get some diversity into this list, which is why I also included a British comedy. I still can’t believe how long it took me to realise that Joe (played by William Melling) is little Nigel from Harry Potter all grown up now. Fried is definitely an oddball as well, but I like that sort of British humour. The show is often really ridiculous, but in a good way.

Have you missed out on some of those shows? Or have you actually watched them? If so, did you like them?

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