Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Premiere

I have to be honest and admit that I needed a little refresher about what happened last season on Agents of SHIELD. However, after looking up some details I had completely forgotten, I have to say that I liked the Season 3 Premiere. shiled

I had to get over the weirdness that Skye is now officially calling herself Daisy, but other than that I think they set up the new season nicely. SHIELD is trying to protect the growing Inhuman population, while there are new “enemies” who try to neutralize them instead. One is the new task force called ATCU (Advanced Threat Containment Unit) and the other one a powerful blue monster-guy named Lash. Let’s break it down though:

  • I think seeing Skye Daisy fully embrace her powers is cool. Her helping the new guy Joey (who did a wonderful job of playing the confused normal guy who gets thrown into craziness) was really interesting to see but I am glad that she still wants Lincoln‘s help. I mean she’s good with Mack as her partner, but better with Lincoln. Those two pairing up and combining their powers is just awesome.
  • Coulson‘s meeting with Rosalind, head of ATCU, was great! I mean we now know that ATCU isn’t all bad, but I hope it doesn’t turn out that they are like the real/new SHIELD or something like that.
  • Bobbi and Hunter are cute, but they need to decide what they want. Are they together or not?
  • Can we all just appreciate how amazing Fitz/Iain De Caestecker was in this episode? Having to save Jemma really made him a badass and I never thought I would see him go on dangerous solo missions. The final scene where he just screams at the Monolith was brilliant!
  • So Jemma is not dead. Which we already knew, since she’s still part of the cast. It seems she’s somewhere across the universe and I want to know how they’ll get her home!!!
  • May and Ward were noticeably absent this week. It was already shown in the promo that Ward would return next time, but the team definitely needs Melinda May on their side. How can she just not come back from her vacation?
  • The events of Sokovia (Avengers 2) were mentioned a couple of times and I think it’s always nice that they keep integrating the whole Marvel universe.
  • Just a little final question: Who exactly is funding SHIELD now?

I know this was rather short, but my main opinion came across. What did you think of the Season 3 Premiere?

15 thoughts on “Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Premiere

  1. I have to say I feel quite used to the Daisy thing – I think because her dad called her that all the time last season, and because I rewatched the show a couple of times in between the end of last season and now, it felt fresher in my head anyway.

    I liked the premiere a lot – for a lot of shows, they open strong in the first season and then slowly lose the plot. This show is the opposite – it took me a while to get into it, and while I always liked it I know a lot of people complained about it (and had good points, too) – and I think it has been building and becoming better as it progressed. I feel they definitely upped the level with the premiere and obviously planted some obvious hits to the storylines we’ll have this season. I’m hoping that the Jemma storyline won’t take all season, mostly because I don’t know for how long I can take tortured Fitz 😦

    It was weird not to have May, but I do have to say there was so much going on I didn’t particularly miss her – I know I will feel happy once she’s back, though. I did actually manage to forget Ward is still out there and not dead in the ocean.

    Really looking forward to more Daisy/Lincoln storylines. Their pairing last year was one of my favorite things about the season and I was so glad to hear he was becoming a regular. His character has so much to do on the show.

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    • I’ve just never heard Skye call herself Daisy and Coulson has a hard time with it too. So, I think it’s okay for me to be a little agitated as well 😛
      I like the development as well! And I hate it when Fitz is tortured. He’s my favourite on the show, so everything bad that happens to him feels like 10 times worse than stuff that happens to the others.
      I noticed May’s absence, but not Ward’s – that is until the promo for next week came on.
      Daisy and Lincoln are cool together, I am hoping for more of that as well!


  2. I was wondering if he was an Inhuman, that blue guy. Either that, or he was a Kree, or maybe even Blackheart, which meant they were going to add demonic mythology from the Marvel comics to the MCU (and a non-Nicholas Cage Ghost Rider! YAY!).


    • Well, here’s what the story of Lash was like in the Inhuman series:
      “Born in the hidden Inhuman city of Orollan, Greenland, Lash was one of the few chosen among his generation to receive the gift of Terrigenesis, an honor he believed not every member of his race was due. Lash embarked on a mission to find all the individuals and judge for himself whether they were worthy to live with their new abilities”


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