Sherlock 2015 Christmas Special Trailer

I don’t even want to get into this in any sort of detail. Clearly, I am looking forward to it, because well, it’s Sherlock! Need I say more?

However, I am confused about the time-thing. Why is it set in the past? I liked having it in the present, it was one of my favourite things about the show. I am sure that I won’t hate it just because of that, but it means that the real storyline won’t advance much I guess … I hate that the show is always on hiatus and I get that everyone is really busy, but would it kill them to release something more often than every 3 years?

Okay – rant off! What are your thoughts on this?

15 thoughts on “Sherlock 2015 Christmas Special Trailer

  1. I am curious how they are going to do the time jump in the story itself. Also I’m curious how much ‘fan service’ the episode is going to be. I mean, we had a whole season of ‘fan service’ already and I’m curious if this is going to be continued.


    • Somehow I have the feeling that there won’t really be a connection between the Christmas story and the “normal” storyline. I think it’s like a one-off thing, kind of like an alternate universe, but maybe that’s just my thinking.
      I bet there are going to be a ton of references again 🙂


      • I hope it is. Makes things logic. Een AU is very fanfiction-y actually. Bit of fanservice again, but I don’t mind that. I can imagine the ton of references and I always enjoy them 😀

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  2. Gaaah I can’t wait for Christmas. It’s cruel to give us these teasers and make us wait. IT’S EVEN CRUELER TO DELAY SERIES FOUR UNTIL 2017! It’s funny, though…like half the fandom is excited because it’s, y’know, Sherlock, and the other half is frustrated because it’s set when the books were set. I’m in the half that really doesn’t care, because at least we get a Christmas special. But then, I watch Doctor Who, and they’re jumping all over the place, so maybe I’m just used to changes in time.

    Thanks for stopping by Writing on a Vintage Typewriter!

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