Doctor Who: Before the Flood

I know that I am terribly late with my Doctor Who review for Before the Flood, but I have good reasons. Yesterday I went and sold some childhood memories at the flee market. It sounds way more dramatic than it was, because they were all things I neither needed nor wanted, but it was freezing and we basically had to stand there all day long. So, after getting home, I mostly tried to get some warmth back into my body and slept a lot – hence my slightly belated review. Now, beware of Spoilers ahead!

What was it about?

The Doctor and Clara are separated through time. While Clara struggles to stay hopeful facing the Doctor’s ghost, he is off to change the future in order to keep Clara safe. 

My thoughts?

After last week, I was quite excited about how Moffat would resolve the issue of the Doctor’s ghost appearing, but when the episode started and the Bootstrap Paradox was mentioned, I knew it wouldn’t be an entirely satisfying solution. However, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a good episode, I just think that ending it with a question rather than the answer can be a bit of a cop-out sometimes. Funnily enough, I did suspect the ghost of the Doctor to be a hologram, so I was kind of happy to be right about that one.

I still think that Sophie Stone as Cass was a brilliant addition to the cast and the story – her being deaf actually added to the narrative and that was amazing! Also, her and Lunn were just super cute. I liked pretty much all of the people from the underwater base though and was sorry to see Bennett so shattered in the end. He had one of the best lines after meeting Albert Prentis in 1980 – “My first proper alien and he’s an idiot!” – I definitely laughed out loud at that! Also, he at least gave us a bit of a chance to explore Clara’s emotions after loosing Danny. I feel like that’s just being pushed aside like it wasn’t that big a deal in the first place, but moments like the one at the end of Before the Flood showed that it changed her at least a little.

Now there was a new monster – the Fisher King. I think the episode could have used a bit more of him. He looks quite terrifying, but since the costume made it difficult to move, he looked stiff and awkward sometimes. I wish they explored his motives and the monster in general a bit more, but what can you do, there is only so much you can show in 45 minutes.

Next week we will finally find out who Maisie Williams is playing on Doctor Who – massively excited for that! But what was your impression of Before the Flood? 

12 thoughts on “Doctor Who: Before the Flood

  1. The moment the Doctor emerged from the coffin with the sonic sunglasses on. Pure awesomeness.

    I quite liked this one. On its own, Before the Flood is a bit feeble, but with last week’s episode it makes a fantastic two-parter.


  2. I thought it was a pretty good episode, though I thought that they could’ve made more use of the Fisher King. He’s definitely something out of a Lovecraft story–part fish, part insect, part skeleton-thing, part who-knows-what–but all he did was walk around and talk sinister. I would’ve loved to see some action to go with that talk. You only can get so afraid from some bluster and an off-camera death. Well, it’s Doctor Who, so maybe they’ll bring him back and give him more to do.
    As for the rest of the episode, I kind of found it funny that the Doctor was doing this monologue, he did the same thing last season in “Listen.” I wonder if this’ll be a tradition from now on, that the Doctor breaks the fourth wall at the beginning of each fourth episode of a series, at least while Capaldi’s the Doctor. I wouldn’t particularly mind such a tradition, though I am tired of these loops with no end and no beginning. We’ve seen them so many times while Moffat’s been showrunner, they’re getting a little stale.
    Also thought the romance was a little contrived, but I’ll allow it.
    Other than that, I liked this episode. It could’ve been better, but it could’ve been much worse at the same time. I think Series 9 is going to be much better than Series 8, if you ask me. Can’t wait for next week.

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    • I agree on Series 9 being much better than Series 8!!!
      I’ve mentioned the thing about the Fisher King in the post as well – they could have definitely made more of him!
      I think the monologue was alright and I don’t mind the breaking of the 4th wall, although it doesn’t have me excited either. I think the loop-thing can be such a cop-out for not finding a better explanation .. still, the episode was good.
      As for the romance – I think Lunn and Cass were totally justified. Bennett and O’Donnell on the other hand was forced and just a way to make her death more meaningful.


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