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As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve recently sold some of my old stuff at a flee market. There was one incident that made me think about what to do with the things that didn’t find any new owners. Here’s what happened: There was this 10-year-old boy and his parents were selling things at the flee market as well. Of course, when you are selling things, you don’t want your son to go around and buy all sorts of new stuff, so he only had a very limited budget. There weren’t many things for kids, but he saw a Lucky Luke comic he really wanted from our stand. I swear, I have never seen a kid so happy to have a comic book. He hugged the thing like he never owned anything more precious or dear in his life. He came by some more after that and became one of our prime customers. It brought me so much joy to see him happy.

So, after that little story time, I hope you can guess the reason for this little GIVEAWAY! I have some comics that I don’t need any longer, but maybe someone else would be really happy about them. Before we get to the details of how you can enter, here’s what you can win:

Package 1 (DC Comics)


Swamp Thing
Issue #115
Cover Date: January 1992

The Ray
Issue #9
Cover Date: February 1995

Package 2 (Various Comics)

variousThe Mark
Issue #2
Cover Date: December 1987

Black & White
Issue #3
Cover Date: January 1995

Thundercats – The Return
Issue #4
Cover Date: July 2003

I know the issues are all pretty random, but they are in good condition considering their age. So, winningΒ one of the packages is really super easy. Are you ready? Just comment below which Package you would like to win! (You have to specifically say that you want to enter in the Giveaway!)Β If you can’t decide, you can say both as well and I will just pick one, but you can’t enter more than once. The giveaway is open internationally and ends Friday October 16 at midnight (let’s say Pacific Standard Time). I will contact the two random winners via mail the next dayΒ to arrange shipping. Told you it was going to be easy!

I hope I can make someone as happy as the little boy! However, I do have a final request. Even though this will not affect your chances at winning, I would really like for you to comment about some experience where someone made you really happy or you did someone a small favour and made them happy. Also, you could do me a solid by following me on Twitter and liking my Facebook page!

I am looking forward to your stories! Read you soon!

33 thoughts on “Comic Book GIVEAWAY!

  1. When I was still in high school, I volunteered at a book fair to benefit my synagogue’s library. One of the books I found was an out-of-print manga, the kind where they change the characters’ names so that they match the Americanized TV show because that’s what you did in the 1990’s! And it was only fifty cents! I bought it and I still have it, mostly out of sentimental value (the manga was licensed by Viz Media a couple years back and they rereleased the whole series through my last two years of college. There goes my plans to sell the first volume to a collector for eighteen bucks). Still, it was a pretty big deal for me. It was my first exposure to the actual manga, and I had such a great time with it.

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  2. I and my friend walk to home everyday after school. About one week before, we saw a street dog lying near a water puddle and we really felt bad for him. We didn’t know what to do to help him survive. And looking at him it seemed as if he had not eaten from many days. And contacting some adult about this would mean shooing him away and we didn’t want that.
    My friend had her lunch with her which luckily she had not eaten. She offered him and he happily ate it. The look in his eyes was the best feeling ever. I could never forget how he thanked us with only his eyes.
    I don’t know where he is. Nor I know if this story is as inspirational to anyone as me. But still seeing him I had hope that good people now also exist in this world, be it in an animal form.

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  3. Package 1 looks really interesting. Could I enter?

    Hmm… story of spreading joy… well, my dad had two minor surgeries recently, and I’ve been helping take care of him. Today I scratched his back and that made him grin. Does that stuff count?


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