Doctor Who: The Girl Who Died

I just KNEW that The Girl Who Died would be a 2-parter like the other episodes on this season of Doctor Who. It maybe didn’t have as much of a cliffhanger as the others, but the story is still connected. Before I get ahead of myself though, beware of Spoilers coming your way!

the girl who died

What was it about?

Clara and the Doctor get captured by Vikings. It soon turns out that they have a much bigger problem though, because the village is being raided by one of the most deadly warrior races in the universe – the Mire. The Doctor remembers who he is, a person who saves people, and therefore helps the villagers. Unfortunately, one girl, Ashildr, dies in the process, but the Doctor is tired of loosing people and revives her with alien technology, therefore making her immortal. When he leaves, he knows he may have made a huge mistake.


My thoughts?

I liked the episode, but I didn’t love it. The reason for that may just be as simple as it having been hyped too much due to the appearance of Maisie Williams, who turned out NOT to be a young Missy or any other former associate of the Doctor (as far as we know). Ashildr’s story played in well with the overall arc of the episode, but it was more of a lightweight compared to the previous ones. However, it got really interesting towards the end for me.

The Doctor finally remembered why he chose this face and it showed some lovely throwbacks to Ten’s era with Donna. While the music was very dramatic, I thought the resolution was a little anti-climactic. Wasn’t it always obvious that the Doctor saved people? Yes, he may be more grumpy now and even less capable at social interactions, but I never doubted that he wants to save people. In general, this was an odd but very interesting episode for Twelve. He’s tired of loosing people and wants to act, but isn’t supposed to. I think this was a hint at what Davros said in the beginning of Series 9, about the Doctor having some dark secret as to why he left Gallifrey.
Also, he changed Ashildr’s life massively by turning her into an immortal hybrid. I love that he gave her a second chip to make herself a companion. In my opinion, immortality was always a curse and it was nice to hear the Doctor voice this by saying: “Immortality isn’t living forever. That’s not what it feels like. Immortality is everybody else dying. She might meet someone she can’t bear to lose. That happens, I believe.”. When he said that, he looked at Clara really oddly. They keep referring to her soon to come death and I think this time it will really send the Doctor on a spiral again. I know that a lot of people are tired of her and I think she’s ready to leave too, but they are a lot better together this Season than they were in the last one and I am going to miss her a lot.

I am interesting in seeing how next week will play out. There wasn’t much Clara in the promo, so maybe it’s a solo-Doctor mission to check up on Ashildr?

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you love/hate/like it? Do you think Maisie Williams is a good addition to the universe of Doctor Who?

P.S.: The Sonic Sunglasses were FINALLY broken! I was more joyous at that than I probably should have been, but unfortunately I already saw them in the promo for next week …

30 thoughts on “Doctor Who: The Girl Who Died

  1. I thought that this episode was okay. I am one of those fans that really don’t like Clara I’m afraid and I rolled my eyes when she got herself kidnapped. I was on Twitter when the flashbacks to David was happening and the tweets were so funny! I was starting to tear up to be honest! I just love the tenth Doctor. This episode was really over-hyped and it was kind of a let down when Maisie’s role was a little bit simple. But I can’t wait for next weeks episode so we can see if she views immortality as a benefit or a curse! I would love to see more of her!

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    • Right!? The episode definitely wasn’t as great as it could have been or was made out to be.
      Ten was awesome! And I just loved Donna so much, she’s still one of my favourite companions ever.
      I have a feeling that she’s not too happy with immortality. The last scene, where the skies change and the camera makes circles around her – I think time let her turn bitter.

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      • That’s what I was thinking as well! At the end when the camera was spinning around and she was smiling and then she seemed angry or something. Maybe this bitterness might spark up her character a bit! Amy, Matt and Rory is my number 1 companionship but Donna is right there after!

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      • I love Amy and Rory as well! Eleven was my first Doctor, so they all just sort of stuck with me 🙂
        I also like Clara and as I said Donna. I never really got into Martha though ..
        Ashildr could need some fire, so I’m hoping for an interesting episode next time around. She definitely didn’t look like she found her companion yet.

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      • Hahahahaha I agree!
        I think so much happened with Any and Rory with the Doctor and I actually valued their opinion as well. I feel like there was just too many episodes just for Clara when the show was called Doctor Who, so I have some bitter feelings towards her. Hmm yeah Martha was a bit meh for me.

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      • Amy and Rory were a viral part of the team 🙂
        Yeah, I get what you mean about Clara. Season 8 was like the Adventures of Clara Oswald rather than Doctor Who. I liked her better with Matt, but now she’s growing on me again. However, her time has passed and I am glad she’s not overstating her welcome and rather leaves the show.

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  2. I kind of agree with your assessment. It was a good episode, though not an example of one of Doctor Who’s greatest episodes. Still, it was fun, there weren’t any gimmicks that made me roll my eyes, and I liked the twist at the end.
    As for the Doctor’s face reveal…I actually think that made sense. The Doctor has had identity issues this incarnation. He does save people, but when good people die all the time, one does wonder if it’s worth it to keep trying. And remember, this incarnation comes at the tail end of a 900 year war on Trenzalore. How many people did the Doctor lose there? How many times did he lose hope and then keep plugging along? A face of someone he once saved could do wonders to help him remember the good he does.
    The ending was the most interesting part for me though. It was one of those moments when you know that you may come to regret it later, but damn it if you care because right now you need to do this. It will definitely lead to some interesting conflict in the next episode.
    By the way, I don’t know if the next episode will be Clara-lite, but if it is, I think we may get a hint at what may make her leave the TARDIS at the end of the series. Personally I’m hoping Danny Pink had his sperm frozen and Clara’s hoping to try for a baby, thus leading to Orson Pink somewhere down the line.
    Of course it could be business as usual and we’ll see the normal amount of Clara, which I don’t mind. She didn’t seem so annoying this episode, more like the Doctor’s shrink than anything else, getting him to open up and discuss his inner turmoil. Their relationship has changed so much over these three years. I’m wondering how it’ll end for them when we eventually get to that point.


    • Oh my, it hasn’t happened very often that we agree on something hahaha
      But you’re right about the fact that it was a fun episode but also about what you said about the Doctor. I guess I sometimes keep forgetting Trenzalore (mostly because I did NOT like that episode …).
      You really want Clara to become pregnant so that the Orson story makes sense, huh? Well, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Everyone said she’s over Danny and I think so too. Maybe they will give an explanation, but I don’t think she’s getting artificially inseminated. Maybe they’ll travel to a time where Danny still lived and she has sex with him and then gets pregnant?
      I do have a feeling that there will be a little less Clara next week though. They haven’t shown her at school at all this season.


      • They did at the beginning of the season.
        And a little time away from Clara might actually be a good thing. Normally I don’t find Clara as annoying as some people do, but I think this episode…well, you know how the companion is supposed to be a contrast to the Doctor, an opposite of him for us to relate to? Clara’s becoming so in tune with him that sometimes I think she might be an extension of him. And I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

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      • They did? I must have missed it.
        True, Clara is becoming more Doctor-esque. Cass criticised that the last time as well and it’s always dangerous when that happens to the companions.


      • Yeah, Donna had to lose her memories because of it!
        And how could you miss that scene? It was right before UNIT called Clara in. She was teaching about Jane Austen, made a comment about her being a good kisser, and then the planes stopped, so she had her students get on social media to spread the word.


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