Wacky Internet Connection Ruins My Day!

I am currently having some trouble with our internet connection at home. The signal is there for 5 minutes and then lost again for hours. Hence, blogging has become a little difficult. I am trying to type out some posts in Word now, but there are things I can only do with the internet on (like adding pictures to a post so that it doesn’t seem so dull …).

I hope you are patient with me and will forgive my irregular posts. I’ve missed posting on a couple of days in the last weeks already because of this silly issue and unfortunately I don’t have the money to hang out at Starbucks for WiFi every other day.

Argh! I hate this! I have so much to do and unfortunately I really need the connection to the WWW for about 80% of it. I hope to read you soon and that the problem gets fixed. Until then – please don’t forget about me!

11 thoughts on “Wacky Internet Connection Ruins My Day!

  1. I understand you so much. When I was visiting my family for two weeks I had the worst internet connection (and the closest Starbucks was 2 hours away). But don’t worry, we’ll be here waiting until you have good internet connection 🙂 .

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