Meet Wick – NaNoWriMo Prep

I recently saw a great post by Astra over @A Stranger’s Guide to Novels where she introduced her NaNo character Ophelia. Since I am still miles away from having plotted and thought through my own NaNo novel Dreamer (which I shortly introduced here),  I took the chance and now want to talk a little more about my main character Wick!


Full Name: Wick 0308

Age: 26 years

Job: Monitor

Wick is a Dreamer. Despite what it may sound like, Dreamers don’t actually have dreams of their own, they analyze, monitor and control dreams of humans. It is their whole purpose of being, all they ever do in life. However, Wick is different. He may not dream during the night, but he dreams big when it comes to his own life.

In Dreamer-society there are four categories/jobs people get put in. Their fate is decided among “creation”/”birth”, but if unhappy they can take assessment tests on their birthdays to get put into a different group. Wick’s always been a Monitor. That means he watches people’s dreams as they play out and theoretically intervenes when they don’t go according to plan, which has never happened in all of his life.
The other categories consist of the Council, a select few who make the executive decisions for Dreamer-kind, the Analysts, the people who take a look at a person’s data and calibrate the dream accordingly, and the Field Agents. Agents get to go into the dream landscape and interact with humans. It’s the most prestigious and dangerous job in Dreamer-society and the one Wick always wanted to have. He’s taken the test six times now, but he either failed or the results were inconclusive. Still, he doesn’t give up.

wick2Character: Wick is very confident and even though he is not like other Dreamers, he is liked by many of them. Social life among the society is very limited, but he is the kind of person that can always bring life to the party. Some of his friends have tried to set him up with girls, but dating among Dreamers isn’t very romantic. They do get to choose their mate, but have to be approved by the Council. So far Wick wasn’t interested enough in anyone to put up with the hassle.

Mannerisms: Ruffles through his hair when nervous or embarrassed

Appearance: see photos! The first one is of him at his job (= clearly unhappy), the second one of the life he wants to lead.

So, that was it for now. I hope you’ve gotten a clearer picture of my main character through this. I’d love to hear your thoughts!! I’ll soon post a character profile for Clara, so, stay tuned!

56 thoughts on “Meet Wick – NaNoWriMo Prep

  1. So this is such a good story idea! Really cool and I love the whole idea about Wick just having to sit and watch people’s dreams all night long! I actually can’t wait to read more posts about this story and Wick seems (and looks) awesome already.

    I am really glad you decided to do your own post for this- yours is like 10x better than mine hahahahaha😂

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  2. A-ha. So there’s a double meaning behind Dreamer as the title. This I like. 🙂

    Wick sounds like a cool guy. Driven to get what he wants, a bit cynical of the system he lives in… Does he get restless or bored with the work he does as a Monitor, since it’s not what he really wants to do? Also, what would you say his flaw(s) is/are?

    I’ve never heard of the actor before, but he looks like a much younger Matthew McConaughey.

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    • He easily gets bored with his job, unless the person has a really cool action-packed dream … mostly people don’t have those though. He is a bit reckless and doesn’t really stick to rules. Also, he can be very selfish, which is especially bad, since he lives in a society that doesn’t really have me-time.
      The actor’s name is Scott Michael Foster. He’s been on Chasing Life, Greek, Once Upon a Time and as of late Blood & Oil. I liked him best as Leo on Chasing Life though.

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  3. So I had to jump over here because of the teaser you left in your Leibster award post today and omg I want to read this book. First off because it sounds amazing. Second off, it’s totally up my alley. Anytime someone mentions dreams or dreaming my ears perk up. The manuscript I’m working on right now is titled Dreamweaver. So yeah, your whole premise, I’m so on board for! Lol!!

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