Meet Clara – NaNoWriMo Prep

As I’ve mentioned very recently, I saw a great post by Astra over @A Stranger’s Guide to Novels where she introduced her NaNo characters Ophelia and Rosalie. I then decided to do the same and introduced Wick from my NaNo-novel Dreamer. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should! He’s the main character and I explain some of the workings of Dreamer-society. (Click here to read it!)

But today I want to talk about a person Wick hasn’t met yet, but will meet very soon! Clara!

clara3Full Name: Clara Barrett

Age: 25 years

Job: Photographer

Clara is not a Dreamer, she is human and so far knows nothing about the Dreamer-society.

Character: Clara Barrett sees herself as a lone wolf. She tries to manage everything by herself and doesn’t want the help of other people. Her parents and her brother Gabe have always supported her in her dream of becoming a photographer, but they didn’t exactly have means to do so. Clara knew that if she wanted something, she had to work for it herself and she succeeded.
Putting school and her career first lead to a fairly lonely life though. She knows that she can be a major control freak and perfectionist and that that can put some people off. It’s not easy for her to loosen up and to relax, so she rather keeps to herself. She is close with her family though.

clara_bedroomHer apartment is not very colourful. Her job demands a lot of creativity, so she needs a break from it all at home. She’s very ambitious and has built a great reputation with a prominent client base for herself.

It turns out that she draws a lot of the inspiration for her shootings from her dreams, which are mostly very vivid. She doesn’t always recall them perfectly, but enough to get a new idea for her job.

Mannerisms: Bites her lip while concentrating

So, that’s Clara for you. There’s clearly not as much to tell as there was about Wick, but I hope you could still get a clear picture. Now I have a question for you: Would you like to see some side characters as well? Hit me with your thoughts!!!


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