Wick’s Circle – NaNoWriMo Prep

I think we’ve established that I originally got the idea to make character profiles from Astra @A Stranger’s Guide to NovelsIf you still haven’t read about my MC’s for Dreamer, then you should check out Wick and Clara by clicking on their names. Now what do I mean by today’s post title “Wick’s Circle”? I’m pretty much going to talk about Wick’s circle of friends, acquaintances and general people in his life. The profiles won’t be as detailed as the ones for the MC’s, but I hope you still get a grasp of who those people are.

: Ely 1402

Profile: He is Wick’s best friend and also sort of idol because he is a Field Agent. They met during one of the testing sessions Wick went to, to get reassigned. Ely made it, Wick didn’t.
Ely is loyal and does things by the book. When Wick is on one of his reckless sprees, he’s the one keeping him grounded and out of trouble.
The Council thinks that if Ely would distance himself from Wick, he might have a great career ahead of him.

autumnName: Aurora 2210

Profile: Aurora is Wick’s assigned Analyst. They have a very sibling-like relationship (at least Wick thinks so). She often tries to do him a favour and calibrates the dream to include as much action as possible.
She’s a generally organised person and very smart, which is why she loves being an Analyst. She is happy with her part in Dreamer-society, even though Wick constantly teases her about her boring tasks.

donName: Don 0301

Profile: Don is dispatched from the Council to oversee Wick and his Monitor colleagues. He is a very no-nonsense kind of guy and tells things as they are. Generally being very demanding to the point of being rude, he is not liked very much.
Wick annoys him to no end, but he secretly has a soft spot for the guy, because he often feels confined by Dreamer-rules himself.

EvelynName: Evelyn 1301

Profile: Evelyn is the Head of the Council and does not like Wick at all. She thinks he’s a disruption of the system and can’t tolerate that. If she could, she would forbid Wick to take any more tests to become a Field Agent, but unfortunately (or good for Wick) she can’t change Dreamer-laws all by herself.

So, those are some important Dreamer people right there! Clara’s friends will probably be introduced tomorrow and then it’s getting serious! What do you think?

22 thoughts on “Wick’s Circle – NaNoWriMo Prep

    • It’s so close and I still feel soooo clueless hahaha but it will all be okay. I’ll come up with something good … I think.
      Evelyn is the reinforcer of rules and Wick breaks a couple of them, so yeah, they don’t get along. I am not yet sure how much of a villain she will become. She’s definitely a buzzkill though.

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  1. first of, who’s that guy you have as Ely? because he’s hot!!! *sigh*

    Is Aurora in love with Wick? 😀

    Don sounds super interesting, I can’t wait to know more about him (and all the others)

    Is Evelyn going to be a problem?

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  2. So….Wick and Aurora might be something then? I almost always route for the underdog ship so I’ll probably be shipping these too!
    Evelyn better not get in the way too much!
    NaNo is coming so soon! I didn’t think it would come so quick even though I’ve been wishing for it too!

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