Clara’s Circle – NaNoWriMo Prep

As promised yesterday (Wick’s Circle post), I am now going to introduce you to Clara’s circle of friends and family. If, by some miracle, you still haven’t read about my MC’s for Dreamer, then you should check out Wick and Clara by clicking on their names. I’ve mentioned before that Clara is a bit of a lone wolf, but let’s see who you’re going to meet today!

GabeName: Gabriel Barrett

Profile: Gabe is Clara’s older brother and the kind of guy who looks like he has it all figured out. He’s 30, has a stable mid-level job, a wife and a baby on the way. Life is exactly the way he pictured it, except that he is freaking out. He is scared of screwing everything up, simply because of the fact that no one thinks he can.
Sometimes he is jealous of his sister’s more glamorous, lone photographer life style. But in the end Gabe is Clara’s rock, best friend and confidant. If she needs someone to talk to (or vice versa), they are likely to turn to each other.


melindaName: Melinda Barrett

Profile: Clara and Mel’s relationship was a bit weird at first. Mel thought that Clara didn’t like her and in a way that was true, because she felt like Mel was taking away her brother. Gabe forced them to spend some time together though and they’ve actually found quite some similarities. They are both ambitious and driven, they both have worked hard to get to the place they are at. Now they are friends and sometimes even gang up on Gabe together.
Mel is a lawyer and earns more than her husband. She is trying to convince him to go on paternity leave when the baby is here and even though he’s giving her a hard time (talking about his masculinity and such), he actually thinks it’s the best idea and that he would probably love it.


biancaName: Bianca Clarke

Profile: Bianca is Clara’s assistant and they are pretty close because they spend so much time together. Bianca’s girlfriend does not approve of this, even though there is absolutely nothing going on between B and Clara. They’ve grown accustomed to each other’s quirks and that makes working together a lot easier. Clara knows that B has a lot of potential and tries to push her, sometimes a little too much though.
Bianca is more relaxed, likes to party and meet new people. She’s not looking to make a career in a few seconds, she thinks she has enough time for responsibilities later on.

Tomorrow is the NaNoWriMo kick-off event and I am going dressed as a Shadowhunter. I am really excited but also a little terrified. Starting to write on midnight precisely isn’t exactly when my concentration is at my best. Wish me luck! And what did you think of today’s characters?

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