Doctor Who: The Zygon Inversion

Although the title may seem very similar to last week’s episode, it is indeed a new one. The Zygon Inversion is the conclusion to the Zygon Invasion, so let’s do this! Spoilers ahead!!


What was it about?

The Doctor could escape Zygilla’s (=faux Clara) attempt of assassination and the real Clara is seemingly also still alive, but trapped in her own mind while being in the Zygon Pot. Through some clever (mind) tricks involving the Osgood box, or rather boxes, ceasefire between humanity and the Zygons could ultimately be restored again.

My thoughts?

I was really worried that the Zygon Inversion wouldn’t hold up to it’s predecessor episode, but all the fretting was for naught. Twelve and Osgood escaping the airplane crash actually made sense, Clara fighting her “evil” counterpart was extremely well done and Capaldi finally got to make a speech that will keep you thinking for a while.

That was actually my favourite part of the episode – Twelve trying to get through to Kate and Zygilla/Bonnie. I’m not sure if my brain fails me or if Capaldi really hasn’t had the chance of performing a great monologue, but I feel like his previous dialogue was a lot more clunky. This one was very Matt Smith-esque though and even reminded me in parts of his speech inย The Rings of Akathen. I also liked it when Twelve mentioned that it was the 15th time that he wiped Kate’s memory because of the boxes. There’s just no way around it, there are always consequences to a war and the Doctor pointing out that it can only end with the parties sitting down to talk and that being something they should have done from the beginning melted my heart, because there is so much truth it that. Another lesson of how important communication is.

For a moment there, I was really confused about the two Osgoods. I am happy though that they are likely to appear in the future. However, I don’t want them or one of them to become a companion. Somehow I don’t think it would work with Osgood being such a fangirl in the TARDIS.

Last but not least, was the scene at the end another ominous reference to Clara’s dooming fate? Only time can tell and I’ll let the Doctor be the judge of that.

Next episode will mark the first standalone this season, so I am fairly excited to see if they are able to create a great arc for just one episode. Any thoughts you would like to share?

14 thoughts on “Doctor Who: The Zygon Inversion

  1. Towards the end of the episode I was on the edge of my seat. The whole speech that the Doctor did was so awesome and it was lovely to just watch Capaldi do some solid uninterrupted acting which was really good by the way. I am warming up to Clara slightly but it’s probably because I know she is going soon. I really liked this episode overall basically!

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  2. I just finished watching it here in America, and I have to say the Zygon episodes are the most solid episodes of the season so far. You basically said everything needed saying. That speech the Doctor gave was brilliant, and I found myself applying it to so many situations where people really need to sit down and talk. The writers kept the drama up, the twists surprised me every time (I think I shouted out “How?” with that last twist), and I came away from it with very good feelings. These definitely recall the earlier episodes of the revived series, when they still had so much new material and you didn’t leave episodes feeling like they were using gimmicks or whatever. I hope the rest of the season is as good as these two episodes were.
    By the way, two things I noticed that I thought you should know about/consider:
    1. During the scene in the Black Archives, if you look through the glass in that booth behind the Doctor, you can see a Mire helmet.
    2. Along with the “Clara’s death”, they’ve also mentioned hybrids a lot: the Dalek/Time Lord hybrid, the Ashildr/Mire technology hybrid, and the human/Zygon/Osgood hybrid. Last week I said that “Clara’s death” was this season’s theme/repeated message, but what if that’s a ruse? What if it’s actually the hybrid? What if we’ll see a real awesome hybrid later this season? Think about it: the “Clara’s death” is being repeated so much that we’re becoming annoyed with it. The themes usually aren’t handled that way, but retain a sense of mystery and make you really wonder until the episode that their meaning are revealed. We already know that Clara’s leaving at the end of the series, and Steven Moffat says her exit will be dramatic. What’s more dramatic than making us look in one direction but then revealing the thing we should’ve been paying attention to is actually in the exact opposite direction?

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    • I agree, the Zygon-episodes really were solid and among the best this season!
      And about the things you’ve noticed, I did not see the Mire helmet at all. Interesting! Do you think it’s some sort of hint?
      I’m not annoyed about the hints to Clara’s “death”, I remember being much more annoyed with Missy and hints for Paradise last season. I am actually looking forward to the tidbits of the Doctor getting all gloomy and emotional when it comes to Clara. Also, what sort of hybrid do you imagine her to become?


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