NaNoWriMo 2015 – Progress Week 1

For those of you who are my writing buddies (add me here if you haven’t yet), you know that I am pretty far behind with my NaNo-novel Dreamer (more than 5,000 words to be exact). But for some strange reason I am still not worried. I’ve written something every day so far and I continue to do so. Sometimes I exceed my expectations for the day and other times I am way below it, but the thing is, you want NaNoWriMo to be fun. It shouldn’t be a forced activity and I refuse to let it become any such thing. For now my main focus is to keep writing and keep having a good time while doing it.

A lot of you have asked me to share bits of my story and I thought, why not? So, here you go with my first chapter/prologue/I don’t even know what I’m doing! (Keep in mind that I am mostly sleep deprived while writing and that this is a first draft.) Now enjoy!

Dreamer – Chapter 1

The blinking red lights woke him up. At first, Wick was confused and disoriented. Usually the lights never flashed; they weren’t supposed to. It meant that something was wrong. Now he knew why Aurora had always told him not to sleep on the job. Coming back to his senses, he quickly checked all the dream-stats and it was true, but it couldn’t be. It was just an ordinary dream.
Clara Barrett, 25 years of age and renowned photographer was his current dreamer. He didn’t understand why they resorted to calling the humans that. He was a Dreamer himself, but his life was nothing like the ones he had to watch every night. Wick wasn’t sure whether he had monitored Clara’s dreams before, but if he did, he probably couldn’t remember. There were only very few dreams worth remembering, which was also most likely the reason why humans forgot about them so easily.
This one was a standard model as well. Aurora tried to get him some good cases as often as possible, but she’s been more careful since the Council sent someone to keep a close eye on Wick’s unit of Monitors. Classic Council-move: sending someone to monitor the Monitors. However, now he was stuck with boring dream-landscapes most of the time. Clara’s dream shouldn’t have been any different, just her reliving a stressful day at work or coping with some mean girl problems from the past. But it was different. The stats showed high levels of stress and her anxiety was through the roof. Wick switched screens to look at the image of the current scene that was playing out in Clara’s mind.
“What the …” He mumbled to himself. Clara was frantically running, as if she was being chased by something or someone, but the image got blurry on that part. Another thing that wasn’t supposed to happen. Wick knew that he only had two options. He could go and look for his new supervisor Don, who would subsequently appoint a Field Agent to go into the dream and help this Clara-person. Or, and this option appealed to Wick a lot more, he could go into the dream himself. He eyed the big, blue button on the far left side of his console with longing. He always wanted to go into a dream.
Of course there was the slight problem that he wasn’t supposed to even think about venturing into the dream-landscape, in fact it was highly forbidden for Monitors to do so. Visiting dreams was an honour reserved only for trained Field Agents and Wick was definitely not one of them. No matter how much he studied, six years in total he had failed the necessary tests to switch occupation.
He heard steps from the hallway, probably Don making his rounds and checking on everyone. Wick glanced from the button to the door and knew it was now or never. Just as the door handle was pressed down, Wick disappeared into the dream.

What do you think? How is your NaNo-ing going? I’d love to hear all about your WIP!

33 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2015 – Progress Week 1

  1. Yay, I just added you on NaNoWriMo 😀
    I’m not behind for now, but I know that I will be eventually, I kind of struggle with the word count every single day, but as you said, the important thing is to write every day! I’m happy to say that this year, I managed to write every day from the start, and I hope it’ll keep on being this way. I really enjoy it for now 🙂
    I absolutely LOVE your beginning! I really want to know more about the whole Dream system and those characters behind it. I really hope you’ll share more of those 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice start! I am already wanting to know all of this stuff about the universe and why Clara is having this messed up dream!
    If NaNoWriMo isn’t fun then what’s the point of doing it, so it’s good to hear that the word count isn’t bothering you. Just putting your idea onto paper/doc is good, so lets celebrate to that. Three more weeks to go!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! And you should! If November is always a busy time for you, keep an eye open for Camp NaNoWriMo. It’s during the summer I believe and you can decide your word count goal for yourself 😀


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