Inside Out Book Tag!


I’ve seen the Inside Out Book Tag swirling around ever since the movie got out, but somehow it hasn’t gotten to me just until now. Astra @A Stranger’s Guide to Novels was so kind as to tag me. She’s really keeping me on my toes with book tag nominations and I am really grateful for that.


The MartianA book that brings you joy!

The Martian by Andy Weir. Everyone who’s followed my blog is probably so tired of this answer and feels like I overhyped the book to an extant that it can only disappoint, but I still love it. I laughed a lot while reading it, I was at the edge of my seat with excitement other times and I definitely was close to shedding tears of joy. So, it was the only viable answer for me.


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, #1)A book that scares you!

I always avoid books that could possibly scare me. I don’t like that feeling and I therefore don’t read stuff that would make me feel this way. So, the closest to a scary book, simply because some of the photographs are really creepy is Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs.


12232938A book that disgusts you!

I feel like it’s weird that I can’t think of anything that ever disgusted me … well, I’m going with My Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, simply of what happened to Susie. Then again that also mad me angry …


The Book ThiefA book that makes you sad!

So many books to choose from! I know quite a couple that have had me sobbing in the corner of my bedroom. I feel like going with The Book Thief by Markus Zusak though, because that hit home with me.


The Kite RunnerA book that makes you angry!

I have the feeling that I’ve read something that made me furious inside. It was most likely something including injustice. I get very emotional and angry inside when I read about that, but I can’t remember which book it was. My brain fails me once again. So, for a lack of better idea I will say The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini – there was definitely a lot of injustice involved!!!

I know I am terrible at tagging people lately, but I simply have no idea who already did the tag. If you want to do it, feel free to leave a comment below and consider yourself tagged! Also, what are some books that make you feel happy/sad/scared/angry/disgusted?

53 thoughts on “Inside Out Book Tag!

      • Hahaha noo no shame. My parents bought them for me when I was 6, I can’t exactly take ownership of that decision! I’m really curious if they’d be as wonderful reading them for the first time as an adult. Any particular reason you haven’t?

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      • Well, the books weren’t as hyped here in Austria when I grew up. I didn’t even know the films were based on books until the second one came out and then I was too much into the movies to start reading them. My cousins did though and they loved them. I always planned on borrowing them at some point, but only if they movies weren’t fresh in my mind. I think they read it in German and then as I got older I just didn’t want to anymore. There’s no real reason, just bad timing.


      • OH MY GOD YOU’RE FROM AUSTRIA?! Can I just tell you that’s my number 1 want to visit place? Shamefully because I was obsessed with The Sound of Music and it’s so beautiful there. I’m sorry don’t judge me. Hahah okay that’s all understandable. Especially since you’ve been spoiled by the movies!

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      • Hahahahaha I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who was so excited about Austria! Funny thing you should probably know, not even 1/3 of the population has ever seen or sometimes not even heard of the Sound of Music BUT there are special tours in Salzburg to all the important locations. 🙂 But no judgment at all! It’s always nice to hear that people want to visit!

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      • THERE ARE TOURS?! I didn’t even know that. I’m even more excited now. I get unreasonably excited about bloggers who live in other countries. I love traveling and other countries are so much more interesting than the U.S. because there’s way more history. We’re just babies and everything is relatively new and the same in all the states.

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      • I spent an exchange semester in Oregon, because well, the US has this certain appeal to the rest of the world. We’re all wondering if it’s like on TV hahaha. However, my maths teacher there instantly told me about having done the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg twice already after I told him where I am from. Just for clarification though, I am from Vienna and I’ve only once been to Salzburg :/ don’t know all that much about it … But the history-part is true! I love visiting old ruins and castles.

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      • I went to Washington State once. I think I passed through Vancouver and then spent a long weekend in Seattle.
        Nothing is exactly like on TV, but you had the yellow school buses and High School was sort of like I imagined it. It was definitely one of the most exciting experiences I’ve ever made.

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  1. I actually think I was sad reading The Martian because the protagonist was so isolated! but I guess his humour helped with it. I couldn’t finish The Lovely Bones, I read it when I was quite young and the issue in it was too triggering for me.

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