300 Followers aka YOU ARE AMAZING!


I think the header says it all, but I can only repeat myself! We have gotten to 300 Followers and I still can’t believe it! Everything has been going so fast and I am often still surprised that you crazy people like to read my ramblings. Know that I appreciate every single view, like and/or comment! You guys and the whole blogger community have all been so supportive and kind. I’ve put more work into this blog since I finished university in July and I can see that you value my effort, which I am eternally grateful for. You brighten my day and for that I can only say a BIG THANK YOU!

I don’t think we have to go into the old antics of how the blog started (mix of boredom, curiosity and seeking like-minded people). I originally wanted to do a giveaway for this milestone, but my resources are a little drained at the moment (Sorry!). So instead I thought I’d use this opportunity to give you the chance to ask me anything you like. Basically, it’s QUESTION TIME! Maybe you always wanted to know something about me or the blog? Please, go ahead and ask!

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44 thoughts on “300 Followers aka YOU ARE AMAZING!

    • Awe, you’re the sweetest! THANK YOU!!! ❤
      Another good question: I am afraid of a couple of things. I have a huge problem with heights, but I try to tackle that fear as often as I can. Sometimes I am successful other times not so much. I've been para-sailing and to the top of the Eiffel Tower (we took the stairs back down). So, I am trying but I sometimes need help with that.
      My other fear, and I am not sure I can really call it a fear, is of insects. I don't freak out when I see them and I don't kill them all when I see one in the apartment. Instead I try to catch them and put them outside, however, they make my skin itch like hell. So I really don't like being around spiders or bugs or flying insects (except for dragonflies and butterflies).
      And my third fear is failure. Not a huge fan of that.
      Wow, that answer got a lot longer than expected.

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      • OMG I HATE HEIGHTS! In my head I think I can tolerate them but as soon as I am somewhere high I start panicking about all the ways I could die.
        I get what you mean about insects, but I’m kind of okay with most of them, I just seriously hate any fly monster like a moth or wasp. And I find butterflies slightly creepy, I think it’s the ‘eyes’ on its wings.
        I think everyone is afraid of failure but it’s about how you over come that obstacle.

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      • When it comes to heights, I am cool as long as there is a solid stone wall I can hold on to. If there is only a wooden construct, my knees start wobbling and my feet refuse to work. The worst thing is really not being able to move when you are at a place you really don’t want to be hahaha
        I’m not a huge fan of wasps, but I found a way to like bees. I know it’s going to sound weird, but I adopted a couple of bees. I got to name them and stuff like that. It was one of those save the bees projects. I have 4 of them and now whenever I see a bee, I just imagine it’s one of them. Works surprisingly well.

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      • I had a terrible Vampire Diaries and Once Upon a Time phase at that time and my bees were called Elena, Elijah, Prince Charming and Mary Margaret. hahaha I didn’t get actual bees (obviously!), just a certificate. I still have those somewhere haha
        But I totally get being afraid of them. Just staying still is unfortunately the best policy though.

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      • Hahahaha! That’s probably what I would do!
        I think I’m going to try your method of adopting bees but I think people might think I’m weird if I started shouting Hermione to a bee. I hate staying still though! It’s like you are giving permission for the bee to be hovering around you.

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      • I would love to see a bee called Hermione though! That would be awesome!
        I hate staying still too! I totally know what you mean, most of the time it just makes me even more nervous.


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