Doctor Who: Face the Raven

So, as I’ve mentioned in my previous post about the VIECC, I was a little busy this weekend, which is also the reason why I haven’t written about Doctor Who‘s Face the Raven yet. Well, that and that I had difficulties finding the right words … Spoilers ahead!!!

face the raven

What was it about?

Rigsy calls the TARDIS because he has a mysterious tattoo at the back of neck that’s counting down. He can’t remember what happened, but with the help of the Doctor and Clara, they discover that he stumbled upon a secret street amidst London. It is full with aliens looking for refuge and Ashildr is their mayor, who think that Rigsy killed one of their own – the numbers on his neck are the countdown to his death. Clara convinces him to give the death sentence to her, but it turn out everything was just a trick to catch the Doctor and now the death can’t be taken back. It’s the end of Clara Oswald and by the end the Doctor gets teleported to his own personal prison world.

My thoughts?

So, how do I do this? I know people’s feelings about Clara were mixed and it definitely was time for her to go. I won’t argue with that, but I loved her and her ending was just lacking something for me. Her growing recklessness had to end in something bad at some point, I am well aware of that, but her death was just stupid and useless. In a way, her end was a lot more finite and a whole lot darker than the one of Amy, Rose or Donna. They all got to live their lives happily ever after, they just weren’t with the Doctor anymore. Here it’s sort of the other way around.

All in all, I did somehow enjoy the episode. There were quite a lot of really good one-liners, but Capaldi‘s Doctor scares me sometimes. He’s just not acting like the Doctor anymore. Remember back in the day when you called upon him to fix things, these days barely anyone survives the episodes, except for Clara … that is until now of course. He really went mental on Ashildr and I get it, but saying “The Doctor is no longer here, you are stuck with me.” made me kind of sad. That was probably also why Clara’s last speech was the way it was, saying that he shouldn’t be a warrior and not take a revenge after she’s gone.ย The goodbye scene was really what got to me. Clara made it all about him, about wanting to help him get through this but not being able to. As much as I’ve struggled with their dynamic sometimes, they worked so great together this season.

I also really enjoyed Rigsy in this episode. I didn’t expect him to have a family of his own by now. He was sort of this innocent bystander who got mixed up in the Doctor’s business without really knowing why, but in the end his memorial for Clara was truly beautiful. I hope he won’t feel guilty though, I don’t think anyone could have stopped her really.


After the episode I ended up watching the saddest Doctor Who scenes on YouTube and continued to sob until I finally fell asleep. It showed to me that a lot of other departures were sadder than this one. Maybe it’s because her story isn’t actually all that over? She is supposed to appear again in the finale and I am hopeful that it will give me more closure. I know that many of you won’t miss Clara at all, but I will. I think she was an important companion, even if there were highs and lows with her. However, I am also looking forward to whoever will become companion next. Can everybody please just stop saying it’s Maisie Williams? Because that makes no sense whatsoever, especially not after Face the Raven. I am still no sure how I feel about her character on the show, but I just hope the new companion someone entirely new!

What’s your take on the episode? Did you like how Clara excited the show? Are you glad she is gone?

18 thoughts on “Doctor Who: Face the Raven

  1. Yeah, I was shouting “No!” at the TV screen the whole time I was watching. I did not like how Clara died. I mean, it was meaningful and heartfelt and beautiful, even if it was a mistake, but I did not like how this was her end (and not just because of the Orson Pink problem, though that still bugs me). I had this vision of a future episode where the Doctor teams up with UNIT and Clara’s there, and it’s this sweet little reunion, and the new companion finds his/herself looking up to Clara and seeing what they could become in the future. Now that won’t ever happen.
    And seriously, they’ve got to stop killing off companions like this. It’s just awful, and we’re getting used to it.
    Other than my feelings towards her death, this was a great episode no matter how you look at it. Great lines and twists, moving scenes, and wonderful character development. I’m looking forward to seeing the last two episodes, despite how this episode affected me. It makes me feel better that Clara will have some role in the last episode.
    As for new companions, I have ideas on that, but I don’t think Steven Moffat will go for them, considering he doesn’t know me. Though if he wanted me to write a series of novels in the Whoniverse, I’d gladly work with him.


  2. I think this ending fell somewhat flat because she actually (almost) had a more perfect ending she last Christmas. That one was perfectly bitter-sweet, a pure surprise and incredibly touching. This one didn’t have any of that to me. So it was sad that her previous non-exit was more heartfelt and made more sense than her actual exit.
    I also agree with you that it’s sad when the Doctor seems to disappear, especially when he says it out loud. And I think you’re totally right that the new companion needs to be completely new.
    This episode was actually a good episode. Unfortunately, though, it fell short of what it needed to be for a major character exit.
    And since I know you’re one of those who was not necessarily ready for Clara to go: I’m sorry for your loss.

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    • I would have liked her Christmas ending better as well!!! It was a whole lot more touching and it would have definitely made sense!
      Thank you for your sympathy! Let’s hope together that we’ll get an interesting and completely new companion soon! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. I really liked this episode. The acting was great, the script was great and the suspense kept my attention focused unlike last week’s episode. I am alright with Clara’s exit. I thought it was fitting that she died simply. No gimmicks, no random confusing plot line. She made a mistake and she had to pay for it sadly. I think I only felt really sad because the Doctor cared so much for her and you could just tell that something has just snapped in him by the end. Next week’s episode seems promising! It looks like a Doctor-only episode which are normally good.

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    • I liked the episode too, but I think that last Chrismtas special would have been a more emotional departure for Clara than this exit. It lacked a bit of emotion for me, even though it was sort of sad.
      But next week definitely looks awesome! Doctor-centered episodes are bound to be something special ๐Ÿ™‚


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