Vienna Comic Con 2015

Some of you may have wondered what I have been doing the past weekend since I’ve been noticeably absent from the blogging realm. Well, I was at the first ever Vienna Comic Con! I originally was scheduled to work on both days, but due to some changes, I only worked Saturday and had the whole day to roam free on Sunday.

I loved the whole experience, especially since I got to see both sides. The first day wasn’t exactly stressful, but definitely a lot busier than Sunday. I met a ton of interesting people and had fun with the rest of the crew members. The second day was great because I got to roam through the Comic Con myself though, and with my Crew badge, I even got access to all areas. I’m surprised that I came out of the venue with more money than I spent, having really restricted myself since I only made one purchase. It’s extremely difficult to sum it all up, so I’ll try to pinpoint my personal highlights:

  • Cosplayers: I put some pictures above, but there were so many more costumes I didn’t catch on film! Surprisingly (at least to me) there were a lot of One Piece cosplayers. Other fandoms included (but weren’t restricted to) 2 Broke Girls, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Assassins Creed, Transformers, pretty much all the Marvel and DC superheroes and villains (a lot of Jokers and Harley Quinns in particular), Simpsons, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter and many more. It’s really impressing seeing all those costumes in real life. I can’t imagine how much work was put into them, but they were all happy to pose for pictures when asked and they got asked a lot. Someone even stopped me because they wanted to take a photo of my TARDIS tote bag that I got back in the day at the Doctor Who Experience. Another girl thought I was dressed as Clara, which I loved, because I adore her style of clothing.
  • The entertainment and artist guests: Considering that it was the first ever VIECC, they really got a great assortment of guests. I didn’t take a picture or got an autograph from any of the entertainment guests, which included names such as Natalia Tena, Giancarlo Esposito, Finn Jones, Neve McIntosh and William Houston. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t get to meet them at all. It was only briefly, but they were all nice and really fun. I even got to shake Esposito’s hand, so I am cool.
    I strolled down the artist alley a couple of times, definitely wanting to buy something from there. I found the table of Rahsan Ekedal, a Californian artist who currently lives in Berlin, and I simply loved his style. If you look at the pictures above, you can see the print and the sketch that I bought from him. He even signed them both and took a picture with me. A friend from the crew and I spent so much time at his stand, talking with his wife and himself. I am so glad I got to meet them and that I now have something memorable to put on the empty walls in my room.
  • All the people: I think it has become obvious from the two previous points above, I mostly loved getting to know everyone. That should in no way mean that the exhibitor booths weren’t great, because they were! You could pose on the Iron Throne of Game of Thrones, take pictures with Deadpool or a Storm Trooper or you could by yourself a BB-8 at another booth. They had almost all the merchandise you could ask for, but in the end it’s the people you talk to and connect with that stay in your mind. I still know that there was an incredibly nice guy dressed as John Constantine who was so enthusiastic about meeting LeeAnna Vamp. Another dude cosplaying as the 10th Doctor soniced me and told me that I wasn’t his TARDIS and it was hilarious. Also, some of the best people were definitely the guys and girls who were my fellow crew members.

I loved getting to geek out with everyone and I hope it somewhat came across in this post. The Comic Con will return next year (Nov 19-20) and I hope I’ll be able to work there and visit it again. Do you have any experiences with Comic Cons? Were you by any chance at the one in Vienna? What is your take on it?

27 thoughts on “Vienna Comic Con 2015

    • It really was fun! I would have loved to go with friends, but since it was short notice that I didn’t have to work, I couldn’t really arrange that. Then again, I probably wouldn’t have talked to all the random people that I’ve met there. 🙂 So, if you get the chance to go to a CC, you should definitely try and go!

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