The Random Tag!


I want to start this off with a quote from one of my favourite comedians, Chris D’Elia, who said “What’s random for one person isn’t necessarily random for another.” but nonetheless I am going to do The Random Tag! I was tagged by Loreva @La Book Dreamer and it was originally created by Georgia @Books and Other Miracles. If you haven’t been to their blogs yet, you should definitely remedy that soon! Let’s get started!

What is your favorite food?

Starting with a tough one, huh? I don’t know. I quite like sweet potato fries, Steak and Ale Pie and Shepherd’s Pie.

What are you having for dinner tonight/what did you have for dinner tonight?

Not sure yet. It’s mostly a spur of the moment kind of thing. Probably something with vegetables, because I am trying to eat healthier.

Who was the last person you emailed?

Funny you should ask! The last person I emailed was one of my former teachers to tell her that I couldn’t come to an event at my old school because I had to work. Secretly I am glad that I don’t have to go though.

What sports do you do?

Is marathon-binge-watching of TV shows a sport? If not, then none. I do like to go swimming though, but during the winter time that’s not much fun.

Do you play any musical instruments?

I have no musical talent whatsoever! I tried learning to play keyboard, but gave up on that. I have a flute from kindergarden but forgot all about it and I even decided to buy a guitar, which I also cannot play. If I could play anything I want though, I’d probably go for the violin or a cello. A nice singing voice would also be real neat! But in general I just suck at those things …

Do you have any pet hates?

I can’t stand when people talk too loudly, like they simply need the entire room to know what they are talking about. Also, when I put in my earphones and someone just has to talk to me, even though it’s quite obvious that I am trying to listen to some music. And lastly, I hate it when people demand respect from me even though they treat me like a low-level creature.



Hope the tag was random enough for you all and that you had fun reading it! I definitely thought those were some interesting questions!

43 thoughts on “The Random Tag!

  1. Love the New Girl GIF! Haha I’m glad you enjoyed! I agree with that pet hate- the other thing that gets me is when people sing really loud! Especially when they can sing really good. It makes me feel inadequate! lol Love the post. Xx

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  2. I totally agree with you on all those pet peeves. 100% HUZZAH. XD I hate it when people stand talking in the middle of a walkway…like…the rest of us want to get past but they don’t even care?! Gah. Humans.
    Also pie is glorious. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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