The Infinity Dreams Award


Okay, so we all know that I am terrible at doing award posts! I am always late (often months) and I never do it in the right order and for that I am sorry. It’s so difficult to come up with all the facts about myself, but the Infinity Dream Award offers me the possibility to answer some questions and that’s a lot easier. So, HUGE THANK YOU for nominating me and being patient to Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much, Jordan @Words … I Need Words and finally also Rae @Bookmarkchronicles!

Rules: (and prepare for some cheating on my part)

1. Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.

2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself.

3. Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.

Cátia’s Questions:

1. Glass half full or half empty?
Definitely half full! I’m mostly an optimist over here!

2. Tea or Coffee?
Tea!!! *using that gif for the millionth time because it is super accurate!*

3. What else do you do in your free time?
I am guessing this means besides blogging? Not much … reading, watching endless amounts of TV shows. I really like to crochet though or to sow stuff. Sometimes I even draw or sketch, but inspiration strikes less and less these days. Here’s a little selection of some of my earlier work …


4. Describe yourself in ONE word.

5. How long have you been in the blogosphere?
About 2.5 years now. Wow! Times just flying by!

6. If you were an animal, what would you like to be and why?
I think I’d like to be a whale. Someone from the Magicians transformed into one and it just seemed like such a calm and relaxing experience. Then again, I LOVE wolves … but no. I am going to stick to being a whale!

7. Which is your favourite season? Why?
I like autumn a lot! You can wear layers, but it’s not too cold yet you can already get quite cozy. Also, ALL THE TV SHOW RELEASES!

8. What books would you like to see become a movie?
Definitely The Night Circus, but only if they do it right. I’d also love to watch Anna and the French Kiss, but I am having difficulties picturing fitting actors and actresses for both movies.

9. What is the meaning behind your blog’s title?
Good question! I can’t remember at all! I think it had something to do with the title of a movie (Love and Other Disasters) getting stuck in my head and this being the result of it.

10. Do you play an instrument? If so what? If not, any you would like to play?
Nope … I am a musical disaster.

11. If you could wake up tomorrow in someone else’s body, who would you pick and what would you do?
Tough one! I am obsessed with Alicia Vikander again, so I am going to say her. She’s so talented and gorgeous and smart and I just love her!

Jordan’s Questions:

1. Are you a night owl or a morning bird?
Even though I mostly like to sleep in, I don’t stay up all that long. I value sleep a lot in general, but if I have to decide, I’d definitely say Morning Bird.

2. Do you keep secrets? Or are you an open book?
It depends. Sometimes I am terrible at keeping secrets, but other things I have kept to myself for years without mentioning it to a soul. I’d say you can definitely trust me with important things.

3. Favorite genre of movie, and favorite movie in that genre.
I don’t really have a favourite genre. I tend to watch equally as much in the blockbuster area as I do with Indie films. So, I am going to make this very random and say: Indie Teenie Angst Love Drama – The First Time! I can’t help but love something that has Dylan O’Brien in a starring role.

4. Do you ever get readers block? How do you fix it?
Not really. I either feel like picking up a book or not. I don’t force it.

5. Last book to make you stay up until you finished it.
Well, I tore through This Song Is (Not) For You in one day, but it wasn’t very late.

6. Why do you blog?
Because I love to discuss things I am passionate about with people and none of my non-virtual friends seem to want to do that a lot.

7. What are your plans for the holidays?
I have none … mainly just relax.

8. Do you like to dress up or down?
Dress up!!! (That’s supposed to be me as the 11th Doctor. I had his screwdriver too!)


9. Favorite place to read.
In my bed, but really anywhere comfortable will do.

10. What is your favorite place to people watch?
The airport! I just love seeing people prepare for departure or getting reunited with loved ones. It fills me with joy. And I really, really enjoy making up stories as to why people are traveling someplace.

11. What is one of your favorite books you have read this year?
The Martian without a doubt!

Rae’s Questions:

1. What is your dream job?
Tough one! Being a casting director would be pretty epic! Somehow I would really like to be in a movie or show myself, but I am no actress, so that’s never going to happen. Making the decision on who gets to be in it though, that’s a goal that can be accomplished. Then again … I’d love to be a published writer someday … one day. I’ll have to actually, properly finish something for that to work out.


2. If you could go anywhere in the world for a week, all expenses paid, where would you go?
There are so many places I want to go and see, it’s really unfair! I guess in the end I’d choose Chicago. I have a weird obsession with that city and it won’t go away until I’ve been there, I am sure of that.

3. Describe your perfect winter night!
I am covered with my four blankets, lying in bed and having everything I could possibly want within reach. 

4. What book(s) are you currently reading?
Reborn City and Seven Ways We Lie

18831580   26240663

5. Are you keeping up with (or binge watching) any shows right now?
If you know me at all, you are aware that I am watching pretty much everything there is! Seriously, ask me about a show and I will at least have watched it once in my life. (I can’t keep up with everything after all. That’s too much, even for me.)

6. What’s your favorite dessert?
Crepes with caramel and salted butter.

7. Do you have any hidden talents?
I’m afraid not.

8. Cats or dogs?
I’ve answered this before: dogs. Full reason here.

9. What’s your favorite season?
Answer is above!

10. If you had another blog, what would it be about?
I actually do have another blog – I Am Here! What Now?. (Click here to check it out) I am not as active as I would like to be, but that’s because I haven’t traveled since August. Oh yeah, that’s what it’s about! Traveling!

11. What makes you happy?
Mostly people but equally having time to myself without anyone interrupting or bothering me.

Thank you for sticking with me during this lengthy post! Don’t you feel like you know me so much better now 😉

41 thoughts on “The Infinity Dreams Award

  1. Most of the people that follow you on Twitter know that you watch almost every show. Twitter also helps to figure out that you’re a morning bird because sometimes I get there in the morning and you already talked about a few shows XD.
    Are you enjoying Seven Ways We Lie? I also have the arc but I’ll wait until we’re closer to release date.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right? People should just assume that I watch everything and then on the rare occasion I’ll prove them wrong hahaha
      I actually haven’t gotten past page 5 on Seven Ways We Lie, since I haven’t spent much time on my laptop. I’ve gotten 1/3 through Reborn City though, because I actually own a physical copy and read it on my commute to work.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great answers! Loved your art!!! Gosh- I’d love it if both Night Circus and Anna and the French Kiss were movies- they’d be so great for totally different reasons!
    I’m a totally open book- however blunt I am on here, I can be so much more honest in real life, cos things will just slip out :/ Also I have been told I have a very readable face :p
    And I love to dress up too!

    Liked by 1 person

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