The Shannara Chronicles (TV Review)


In the past 2 or 3 years, I have constantly mentioned that MTV is really stepping up their game in terms of fictional program. Teen Wolf and Finding Carter are just the latest examples of their success, but they’ve really topped themselves with the Shannara Chronicles!

I should probably say that I haven’t read the books by Terry Brooks and therefore am in no way capable of judging if it’s a faithful adaptation. I’ve heard some voices saying that it’s not, but again, I can’t really confirm or deny that. However, I can with full authority say that I loved it. I tweeted and snapchatted like crazy about it, but I simply couldn’t stop. MTV showed a double feature for the premiere and then offered to watch Episode 3 and 4 via their app. Since the Chosen Part II ends with quite a mean cliffhanger (and because I was obviously hooked already), I took them up on that without even thinking twice.

But as always, I am getting ahead of myself. You may wonder, what is it even about? Well here’s a first look and a little blurb.

The Shannara Chronicles is a Fantasy show about three teens of different origin, who will have to work together to protect their entire world from the uprising of demons.

Creators: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar
Cast: Austin Butler, Poppy Drayton, Ivana Baquero, Manu Bennett, Aaron Jakubenko, James Remar, Daniel MacPherson, John Rhys-Davies, Jed Brophy, Brooke Williams, Emelia Burns, Marcus Vanco, …
Episodes: Season 1 is supposed to have a 10 episode order

There is magic, love, fighting, blood and super good-looking young actors and actresses. The first episode started out really intense, but also had emotional as well as comical moments. I think it’s the mix of it all with this epic quest that make it so incredibly endearing to me. It seems the Four Lands are set in a dystopian Fantasy world, with humans having gone extinct at some point. That concept alone has me really intrigued and I love the references to humanity sometimes.

I will admit to having some problems keeping all the names straight, especially since there are so many starting with A (Amberle, Ander, Allanon, Arion …), but I’m good with faces, so it worked just fine for or me. Other than that, I can only say that I really enjoyed it. I am already smitten with Wil’s naivety, Amberle’s strength, Eretria’s willpower, Allanon’s quiet wisdom and Ander’s good humour (definitely having developed a crush on the latter – yep!). I am now looking forward to more episodes, even though I was so silly as to watch ahead of the release schedule – bad idea! Now I have to wait three more weeks for my fix of Shannara.

Well, I guess this concludes my fangirling! What are your thoughts on the show? Did you check it out as well? 

36 thoughts on “The Shannara Chronicles (TV Review)

  1. My husband and I watched part of the first one last night. It looked really cool but I guess it just wasn’t our thing. In his words, “They MTV’d it up too much.” I have no clue what that means. I thought it was interesting but hard to follow (but I have to admit I was reading a book while watching it).

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    • I am working on the name thing and can now distinguish them pretty well 🙂 If you want to watch it, MTV put up the first two episodes on YouTube, but I don’t know for how much longer they’ll be available and if they work in every country:


  2. OMG!! I just scrolled through your entire blog so I could find this review just so I could comment and fangirl. So after reading your review, I had watched the trailer. Fell in love, duh…elves! And then went and tried not to watch ALL the episodes. But I have already… Now I’m IMPATIENTLY waiting for NEXT WEEK which feels absurdly too long right now to find out what happens next!!! And can I just say, I love Eretria. Like what a badass!!!

    So thank you for referring me to my latest and number one obsession right now!!! My husband is even a fan! (Which makes me super happy bc as soon as I told him there were elves he groaned.) But after ep 1 he was like, I like these elves, they’re cool. Lol.

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      I fell in love with this show right from the beginning and even though I know that the show was well received, no one in my immediate circle of friends watches it. I AM SO GLAD YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND ARE FANS NOW TOO!
      Eretria is such a badass, but I am really into all of the characters. Now just think how impatient I am for next week, basically having watched all the episodes 3 weeks ago already …

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      • Well we can fangirl back and forth together as we watch every week here on out! lol. I can’t imagine having watched 3 weeks ago and just been waiting. I would have re-watched the old ones already just to avoid withdrawal. lol. I do love all the characters. OMG, Will and his whole “we um struggled”, that literally is now an inside joke at home. >.< I've never read the books before but all of it is totally up my alley with everything going on and the stuff I write. So I'm super excited to see where the series goes!

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      • I plan on ordering the book with the TV cover now 🙂 just because I like it so much.
        It was a bit of a torture, but I watched a ton of fanvideos and my favourite scenes over and over again. I loved Amberle’s fight with Wil when she was in the Ellcrys for example. The show is just so suspenseful and at the same time really funny. Also, I am super impressed with the visuals, because I had no idea that MTV had it in them!

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      • I actually saw the book with the TV show cover and bc of the MTV logo wasn’t interested. It was BECAUSE of YOUR review and your fangirling that I gave it a shot. Because you and I have super similar taste I knew I could trust that if you liked it then I would. But now I’m totally evaluating my WHOLE view of MTV. I didn’t know they had it in them either!!
        I love the balance of serious with funny in the show, it’s such a great dichotomy to keep tension high and to develop the characters!
        OMG, yes the fight between Wil and Amberle in the Ellcrys, soooo intense!! ^.^ LOVE!!

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      • This is why I am blogging!!! So that I can infect people with my fangirling 🙂 your comment just made me so happy!
        MTV has seriously gotten better the past years and has developed some amazing original programs (I am really enjoying Teen Wolf and Finding Carter as well. Faking it and Awkward are funny, but not brilliant). Still, The Shannara Chronicles are a whole other level!

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