The 100 S3 & DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (TV Review)

I just finished my list of TV shows for the day and feel like the season 3 Premiere of The 100 and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow are the most pressing ones to review. I guess this will be more of a mini-review since I am trying not to Spoiler anyone and I am not sure how good of a job I will do at that. It will mainly just be my reaction, but just in case I should is a Spoiler warning!

The 100

So, we all knew from the promos that the situation was pretty dire for most of our beloved characters and it’s true, but at the beginning some of them are off worse than others. The storyline is split between what is going on in Arkadia and how the people from the Arc are now trying to achieve peace with the Grounders, Murphy and Jaha’s continued search for the City of Light and Clarke dealing with the consequences of her actions all by herself. As always, I am least interested in the Jaha storyline, even though it is probably one of the most significant. While Clarke being away from camp hurts, it does make sense, however Jaha and Murphy are so far off from the rest of the people, it often feels like a completely different story altogether.

It seems that Clarke, Jasper and Murphy have to deal with the most, really putting their sanity at stake in my opinion. But they are not the only ones struggling with their identity (*cough* Octavia and Raven *cough*) and I can see where a lot of the conflicts will come from this Season. I do like the overall arc, which for me means Clarke’s redemption and trying to live together with the Grounders side by side rather than at each other’s throats. The only thing I will complain about are the new love interests for certain people. Just no! Get the people you already have to pair up, but don’t add bland new ones to the mix who don’t stand a chance against certain ships anyway!

Verdict: An interesting start for sure!

Side note: There was a nice surprise musical performance which I quite enjoyed, but don’t really know why they put in. Also, Zach McGowan has joined the cast and knowing how he acts on Black Sails, I think he’ll fit right in as a Grounder.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

The show is a spin-off from Arrow and The Flash, which already guarantees it a fair amount of viewers from the beginning. I was quite excited about it, but even with all the promos swirling around didn’t exactly know what to expect. We’ve already met all of the heroes/villains/legends involved in the team, except for Rip Hunter, who was introduced in the pilot. I like them all, their dynamic is really interesting and they all have their own stories to tell. Yet, with so many people (nine altogether I think) the focus is bound to switch between individuals, because you simply cannot give everyone the same screen time in 45 minutes without loosing momentum.

The pilot mainly revolved around the building of the team as well as Rip, Hawkgirl and Hawkman in particular. I didn’t expect it to be equally hilarious as it was heartbreaking sometimes. I especially liked the vibes between Captain Cold and the White Canary, but it will take some time to really see where it is all going and if it will work on a weekly basis, especially on the long run (meaning when the main villain is defeated).

Verdict: I really enjoyed it and just think it is super fun. Also, seeing Arthur Darvill as a Time Master … it’s just so weird.

Did you check out the two shows? Tell me what you thought about them!

17 thoughts on “The 100 S3 & DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (TV Review)

  1. I loved the season premiere of The 100, and I don’t mind Bellamy’s new love interest because I don’t really care about Bellamy apart from his relationship with Octavia XD I’m sad this episode had no Lexa, but I’ve been looking forward to watch Clarke fight panthers for so long and I wasn’t disappointed. Yessss.

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    • I am a hardcore Bellarke shipper, even though I would have accepted Clexa as an alternative I think. I just think there are already SO many characters and introducing new ones that don’t seem like they’ll play much of a role just feels unnecessary. But I loved the premiere too. That was really complaining on a high level hahaha

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  2. I totally understand! Get the couple together! I tweeted abou it and when Bellamy kiss this girl I was like, Who are you?! Go Away! And Clarke with the other girl,what? Nope,Nope,Nope. I feel like Jasper is so lost, I don’t know what will happen. I love Octavia and Lincoln but they have some trouble too.
    And about DC’s Legend of Tomorrow, I was interested by this show but I have never seen Arrow or Flash. I know if I had, I would have some fangirling right there but for me all the characters are new and the story too. I think it’s really cool the time travel thing, I really like it. I love the story and the characters of Hawkgirl and Hawkman but I need more episodes to say they are my favorites.
    I definitely want to watch more of these shows!

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    • RIGHT!? Bellarke is endgame, at least ALL the fans want it, so they could at least not pair them up with useless other people. Jasper is so hurt, I feel sorry for him. I am really looking forward to his scene with Octavia where he will open up. And Linctavia better survive this season too. Their relationship was so great.
      I can see how the characters of LoT are not as likable or just understandable if you haven’t seen their backstory. I still hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the show as you get to know them 🙂

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