Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jan 25-31)


Another week another round of Trailers and promos! Prepare for quite a couple of animated movies this time around!


Kubo and the Two Strings

I think this looks fantastic! It looks adventurous but like a story with heart at the same time. Also, the voice actors and actresses are amazing!


This isn’t really Trailers … more like a Teaser. It’s too soon to really have a full opinion on it.


Same as above, but the babies look adorable!

The Secret Life of Pets

FINALLY A FULL TRAILER! Now I at least know what the movie is about, which is a huge step forward. I am definitely going to watch it!

Angry Birds

I think the Trailer came out a while ago already, but it was re-released again and since I hadn’t shared it yet, I thought it might be interesting for some. I never really caught on to the Angry Bird craze, but some of them are really cute.

The Bronze

It’s Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory!!! This movie is weird though and it gets weirder with her talking somewhat normal, but that’s just the way Indie movies are.

TV Shows

The Night Manager

While this seems very dark, the cast definitely has me intrigued. And no, not just because of Tom Hiddleston, but he is definitely part of it.


As if there weren’t enough medical dramas already … but I guess if it is based on a real person, they MUST do it … doesn’t mean I have to watch it though. I am still undecided.

Queen of the South

Drug cartel stories! Also something that is very in right now and that I don’t care much about …

What do you think about these movies and shows? Anything that sparked your interest?

17 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jan 25-31)

  1. The bronze seems interesting. I mean it’s Melissa Rauch and Sebastian Stan, and it sounds funny, in an indie kind of way. 🙂
    And the Night Manager?! WHAT EVEN??? Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman and a semi-dressed Tom Hiddleston?! I’M IN!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s difficult to come up with new ideas hahaha I am not surprised about that stuff anymore.
      I’ve seen a very similar trailer for Angry Birds before, but didn’t finish it, so I thought it was the same.


      • It’s not that difficult. I come up with new ones all the time. No, I think everyone just wants a big, mega franchise, and Transformers has made Hollywood types look to 80’s nostalgia toys as an easy way to make money. Because that’s easier than thinking of something new, apparently!


      • Well, these are recycled. Deliberately because they want to appeal to adults’ nostalgia as well as kids’ love for anything small and cute. *sigh* Boardroom types. They’d rather go with something that’s probably a safe bet and has a groovy tune behind it rather than take a risk with something untried.


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