February 2016 Wrap-Up


I think I once again did very well in terms of reading this month! I aimed for seven and read six – not all of them were on my TBR, but all in all I am VERY happy with the outcome. Tomorrow’s TBR will be massive and probably not realistically conquerable, but I will try anyway. So, here is what I went for last month!

24723317   24885790   26064760   17234659   27015414   Morning Star (Red Rising, #3)

Additionally, I have also read:

As always, click on the titles above to get to the reviews (or on the name of the people I read the books with, to get to their reviews) and on the covers to be redirected to Goodreads!


So, I’ve been at my new job for a month now! Jobiversary! I was surprised by how few books we have, but whatever! I am less tempted to buy them and that’s a good thing. We do, however, have a ginormous collection of magazines and I am still not familiar with all that we have on stock. Generally, I am starting to get the hang of it (as I should after a month), but I am still anxious whenever I close up alone or have to answer questions by customers I don’t know the answer to. Also, handling money is kind of scary hahaha But all is well! My mum keeps telling me that it is just a job, and not my life and therefore I shouldn’t put too much importance on it. I know that! Now my brain needs to catch up …

Some of you may already know this, but I went to a concert this month! What, me? YES! I used to hate concerts – all the people, the constant noise, the sweat, the pushing – I get queezy just thinking about it. I get that you want to move to the music, listen to it on full volume, see the artist up close. All that I understand utterly and completely, but I don’t like all the other people being there as well. Does that make sense? But my mum got me seat tickets for Hozier with Rhodes as opening act and it was pure perfection! You can head over to my Instagram account for blurry pictures and short snippets of the songs!







  • A Million Worlds With You (Cover Reveal)

Howwas your month? What books did you read and which ones did you love the most? You can surely expect my March TBR tomorrow! 





Morning Star by Pierce Brown (Book Review)

morningstarDarrow would have lived in peace, but his enemies brought him war. The Gold overlords demanded his obedience, hanged his wife, and enslaved his people. But Darrow is determined to fight back. Risking everything to transform himself and breach Gold society, Darrow has battled to survive the cutthroat rivalries that breed Society’s mightiest warriors, climbed the ranks, and waited patiently to unleash the revolution that will tear the hierarchy apart from within.
Finally, the time has come.
But devotion to honor and hunger for vengeance run deep on both sides. Darrow and his comrades-in-arms face powerful enemies without scruple or mercy. Among them are some Darrow once considered friends. To win, Darrow will need to inspire those shackled in darkness to break their chains, unmake the world their cruel masters have built, and claim a destiny too long denied – and too glorious to surrender.

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Page Count:

Morning Star is the third and final book in Brown’s trilogy. If you haven’t read the previous installments, Red Rising and Golden Son, I highly suggest you stay far away from this review!!! Like far, far away! In the following there will be a spoiler-free and a spoiler section (clearly marked), but Brown’s books are best experienced when you are clueless in my opinion.

Have you ever had a book hangover while reading the book? This is sort of what reading Morning Star felt like. I was so excited to finally get the book, to read more about Darrow and his friends and foes, however, as soon as I turned to the first page, I dreaded the story coming to an end. My mind was split between wanting to know what happens next and not wanting to finish it at all. So, for my standards, it took me forever to read it! Like always though, Pierce Brown knows how to crush your feels and I felt like nearly having a heart attack a couple of times.

Throughout the series our characters turned from rash teenagers to wiser adults. We plowed through Greek, Roman and now Norse mythology. There were betrayals that felt like a knife in the back and people so fiercely loyal, they warm your heart. War is a nasty business, something I rarely like to read about because of obvious reasons I think, but somehow Brown has managed to captivate me with this tale. It was an epic journey, spanning over the course of several years. He always managed to surprise me, gave me the most bookish trust issues, yet also made me feel deeply for all of the characters. I loved experiencing this world, but that is all that I can say without spoiling you. Pierce Brown is truly writing King!

I asked for a throne @randomhouse built me a throne. Now where is my castle!

A photo posted by Pierce Brown (@piercebrownofficial) on Feb 19, 2016 at 8:16am PST



There are some things that need to be discussed and that is only possible with people who’ve read the book, so if you are still reading this, without having done so – don’t be a Pixie and return after reading! Believe me, you don’t want to be spoiled! I am just going to straight out say things that you shouldn’t know, so go!

A lot happened, there was so much more war talk and strategising in the past two books than in the first one. Some of it was overwhelming at times, but what I really want to talk about are the relationships in Morning Star! Pierce promised us a love interest for Sevro and he delivered! I would have liked to see a tiny bit more of Sevro and Victra together before they got married, but I do feel that they fit perfectly. They both have a weird sense of humour, are tough with a soft core and they would do anything and everything for Darrow. I am so happy they found each other.

Then that bombshell at the end!!! I bet little Pax is the cutest child in all the worlds. How could she not spill that secret? Mustang is truly the master at this game. I am glad it was her on the throne in the end, because as Darrow has realised himself, he couldn’t have done it.

As always, a lot of people died. No one will be surprised by the fact that I was devastated at Ragnar’s demise, but I was a little astonished with myself at how deeply I felt for Roque. I think it was because I was like Darrow, wanting him back as a friend, being sad that we lost him during the journey. Ultimately, I am glad that at least Cassius was redeemed. I won’t even talk about how much I hate Aja and Jackal … that’s just a given.

And lastly, I still can’t believe he “almost” killed Sevro twice. Like WTF?


Fazit: 5/5 stars! It was truly an epic conclusion to an epic tale! However, I am glad we will get to stay in that same universe with Brown‘s follow-up trilogy.


Have you read Brown’s books? Are you as smitten as me? Did you think this was the ending the story deserved? Are you yearning for more as well?

Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 22-28)


I have a feeling this week didn’t have much to offer, but let’s see how deep I can dig and what I will find!


The Light Between the Oceans

ALICIA VIKANDER! MICHAEL FASSBENDER! Did you know that they actually started dating for realsies when they shot that movie? They are like a dream-couple to me … to bad it didn’t last. BUT the movie looks great! It already makes me want to cry and I now vow to read the book before it’s release!

Maggie’s Plan

Psychotic fits it quite well I think hahaha

The Man Who Knew Infinity

I always think it’s weird when Dev Patel has a full on Indian accent. Like, I know he’s Indian, but it feels so cliché because I know he can talk perfectly fine without it.

Kill Your Friends

Such a weird movie! Not my taste … I think?

TV Shows

Castle presents “The Rickies”

There is not much point to this, other than me finding it funny.

Superstore Season 2

I love this show – it’s hilarious, so YAY to another season!

So, as I said … there wasn’t much this week, but what did you think of the things I did find?

R.I.P. it or Ship it! Book Tag


Analee @Book Snacks is one of the best people out there and tagged me for the R.I.P. it or Ship it! Book Tag. You should go and check out her original post, because some of the couples were hilarious and others very wrong or perfect for each other. Basically you just choose some random characters, draw their names from a hat or jar or whatever you want to use to draw the names from and see if they would work as a couple. I loved the idea of this!!! The execution however was a lot different …

THIS GAME FELT RIGGED OR CURSED! I admittedly chose very, very random people that didn’t truly fit together from the beginning. I barely put any actual couples in there, I didn’t stick with one genre either and just tried to see what would come from it doing it this way. The first time around that I drew the names, it was disaster! I then thought I’d just do it again, but lo and behold, the worst couples WERE DRAWN TOGETHER AGAIN! It must be fate … horrible, terrible, unkind fate! However, without further ado, here are the results:


Okay, so … this wasn’t a definite “no” at first. Theo is very smart and so is Mori. They’d probably enjoy some flirting with each other, but on the long run this could never ever work. Theo is openly charming, yet flimsy and likes to party and joke. And Mori can hold a grudge forever. She is strong, secretive and closed off. They are opposties that might attract for a little while, especially due to their shared intellect, but as I said, I can’t see a real future for them.


Just nope! Julia is getting farther and farther away from her humanity in her quest for magic, but Maxon needs someone kind-hearted and real. This is such a big nope!


What are the chances? I kind of dig them as a couple though. I honestly never even thought of it before, but when I read the two names next to each other, I laughed and thought “Why not?”. They probably work better as friends, but whatever!


How is this supposed to work??? I can’t even picture it. Like the image won’t manifest in my head because it just doesn’t seem possible. Two worlds that would never collide! And I can say that even though Marguerite can jump through dimensions and every single world could be possible in those. That’s how little I believe in this.


Ha! I LOVE IT! I am sure people will fight me on this, but it totally works for me. I love Sevro to bits, he is without a doubt my favourite character from the series and only deserves the best! And Izzy, she sure as heck can handle him! Sevro needs a tough girl and Izzy someone funny to play off. I guess Sev can be a bit gross, though I have no doubt that Izzy will teach him manners and he will hang on every word that leaves her lips.


NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Just no, no, no! I was like ABORT THIS MISSION! But that is one of the couples that just kept getting drawn together. Like WTF? I can’t ship them, even associating the names together feels like torture. I was always weirdly fond of Sebastian, so I don’t hate him, but I do hate him together with Cath. Maybe he would have fit together with twisted Mori, but not sweet and shy Cath! NEVER!!!


In a weird way I see this work. Lily and Lola are both very stubborn people and when they set their mind on something that’s it! They are determined to stick with it, even if it’s a dumb decision. Also, I can totally see Lola making up for Lily’s lack of creativity and them creating a beautiful necklace for Lily’s willstones together!


I don’t even have words for this. I love Emily and I love Alec but … those are worlds that weren’t supposed to collide. Alec Baewood and Emily would never be happy with each other in a million years.


Hear me out before you judge me! I don’t think Magnus and Celia would really work all that great as a couple, BUT I could see this becoming an epic friendship. Celia is kind of like Tessa is some ways, at least I think so, and I can therefore see a lasting relationship. Also, she’s like a magician, so that’s similar to being a warlock … sort of … not really, but whatever! I WANT THEM TO BE FRIENDS!


Whiny Quentin and badass Mustang? HELL NO! She would crush the poor sob and feed him to the fishes!



EVERYONE! This tag has been swirling around for a bit now, so I have lost sight of who has done it and who hasn’t. If you think this might be fun, then go ahead and just link back here! (Maybe just think about the names you use more carefully than I did …)

T5W – Worst Love Interests


It’s Top 5 Wednesday, a meme hosted by booktuber Lainey aka gingereadslainey for which you can join on the Goodreads page here. Today’s topic is Worst Love Interest, and I am assuming that this was meant for main love interest, but I can’t think of any pairing that I didn’t like in the end. So I am going with secondary love interests if that’s okay with you all. No objections? Cool, let’s get started!

Adam from the Shatter Me Series

I liked him in the first book, but then he became so possessive and angry and territorial. I can’t stand guys like that. Not everyone needs saving and he just couldn’t see that Juliette evolved and got more self-confident.

Aspen from the Selection Series

As if Aspen ever stood a chance!? It wasn’t like America had to decide between him and Maxon, it was never a question of the heart! She just wasn’t sure whether she wanted to be Princess …

Agatha from Carry On

I couldn’t stand Agatha for most of the book. I did briefly feel sorry for her, but only ever so briefly. (image source)

After reading Carry On by Rainbow Rowell I had to draw my favorite character. So here you have a quick sketch of the Queen Agatha Wellbelove. I have never enjoyed a character POV so much. 

Rhiannon from Every Day

I actually came up with a primary love interest! BUYAAAH! Didn’t see that one coming, huh? I get why that girl was confused. I would have been too, but she was selfish and cold sometimes. I didn’t think she always deserved everything that A went through for her. But I could just be angry because the second book is in her POV instead of continuing A’s story …

Gale from the Hunger Games Series

So, he’s good looking? Yeah and what else? He was never a valid love interest! NEVER!!!

Conclusion, don’t give your secondary love interest a name that starts with an “A” or I’ll assume they won’t be the main ones. Just kidding! Think of Aaron Warner and all is well in the world of beginning-with-A-names! Who are some love interest you couldn’t stand? Tell me in the comments below! 

Discussion Time: Interaction on Book Review Posts


I’ve announced last year that I was taking part in the 2016 Book Blog Discussion Challenge, but so far I haven’t really followed through on that, have I? Well, I’ve noticed something and even though it’s not exactly news to me, I have started to wonder why exactly book reviews seem to be among the least popular posts on my blog. I know that I am far from being alone with this question, so I thought it was time for a discussion! What is up with the lack of interaction and traffic on book review posts?


Let’s start with something simple! Some of you may recall me asking you guys on Twitter whether you read reviews or not and to give your reasoning behind your choices. The answers given were very similar to how I feel about review posts and they are simple to summarise. I read them if:

  • I like/trust/respect the book blogger. Whenever I see some of my favourite bloggers put up a new review, I am reading it, whether I am usually interested in the genre or not. I mostly trust their opinions and if they really recommend something, I am that much more likely to pick up that particular book myself afterwards.
  • I loved/hated the book. Whenever I have a strong emotion for a book, I am seeking like-minded people or in some cases I just want to know what everyone else is thinking, even if their opinion differs a lot from mine.
  • I am unsure whether I want to read the book or not. This means that I’ve had my eye on it, but I am not all there to put my money on the table to buy a copy.
  • The person DNFd the book or gave it 1 star. These reviews are mostly interesting because they have an incredible entertainment value. I don’t like people who are negative for no reason, but a lot of bloggers are capable of criticising a book without tearing it to shreds and being hilarious at the same time.
  • Beautiful Cover! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am a cover snob. Whenever I see a cover that interests me just in the slightest bit, I will want to find out what that book is about.

The only reason for not reading the review is therefore not being interested in the genre/book/cover or not wanting to be spoiled. Well, that gives us plenty of room as to why people should be reading these posts, so one must wonder why reviews aren’t more popular, right? There’s a simple explanation for that as well I am afraid. Goodreads and Amazon, amazing and helpful platforms that they are, offer the perfect venue to post reviews and for readers to find them. It’s like a marketplace – the demand for opinions on the books is there, because the readers are on the same sites and they easily want to find them. You can, of course, post them on your blog as well, but not everyone knows their way around the multitude of blogs on the interwebs these days. Unless you are a blogger yourself, it is far more difficult to find a site you trust in an instant without having visited a couple of times before.


I can only speak for myself here, but sometimes interacting on review posts is really difficult. Of course, I am going to give it a like/favourite/whatever-you-want-to-call-it, if I agree or found that it was a good post, but commenting on it? That is so much more difficult! If I haven’t read the book, there is likely not much for me to say just yet. If I have read the book, but it has been a while, I might not even remember the story in enough detail to comment on it. But there has to be something, right? So, here are a couple of suggestions of what you may be able to talk about:

  • If a person persuaded or dissuaded you from buying a book – tell them! It makes my day whenever someone drops me a short comment about how I have sparked their interest for a book. It is also interesting to hear about people who think it isn’t for them, because that leaves room for discussion afterwards.
  • In case you have read the book, try to think about your favourite characters. Maybe you can talk about your dream casting? Whether you want it to be adapted for the big or small screen? I am a huge TV and movie buff, so that always gets me going and it is fun to think about the casting together.
  • Read the review carefully and see if anything in particular gets your attention. It’s really the most basic thing. Did the romance sound interesting? Was there a certain diversity to the characters? Did it have a theme you didn’t expect? Did the reviewer tease you with something funny that made you curious?
  • If everything else fails, talk about the cover. I’m not sure this goes for everyone, but I for one enjoy gushing about aesthetics.

These are the things I try to remember when I read reviews. I want people to interact on mine, so I have to give them what I would like to have in return.


In the end, I suppose I definitely understand why not everyone is running to read all the latest reviews. Sometimes you are just not interested in the book, other times you visit sites like Goodreads where you can find a decent amount of opinions all in one place. I will admit that I don’t read EVERYTHING that’s out there either, but I do vow to at least try to interact more on my fellow bloggers’ sites. With work and all, I haven’t been able to be as active as I’d sometimes like to be, but in my opinion, if you want people to interact on your blog, you should always make the same effort in return (or at least try to).

Thanks for bearing with me during my first discussion post, I am not sure this is exactly what a discussion is supposed to look like, but what’s done is done! Now it’s up to you? Have you experienced a lack of interaction on your review posts? Do you interact on other blogs yourself? Do you vow to try and comment more on reviews as well? I want to know everything you are thinking about!

Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 15-21)


So, quite honestly I can’t remember all that much about last weeks trailers and such. Seen as I am not usually smart enough to keep this post in the drafts until Sunday when I want to post this, but rather check all the trailers again right on the day itself – let’s see what I can find!



As promised last week, the trailer for Sing! Not THAT much more than last week, but now we have a little more context.

Alice Through the Looking Glass (Grammy Trailer)

We all know this doesn’t really have anything to do with the books anymore, except for tiny snippets, but I am so cool with that. I am just glad there’s another movie!

Florence Foster Jenkins (Teaser)

Oh the cast is just fantastic on this one! I think it’s about a rich woman who wants to be a singer but has a terrible voice, I could remember that wrong though.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny

It’s Magnus!!! *cough* I mean Harry Shum Jr. of course … Looks really epic though and Netflix barely ever does anything wrong.


It looks freaking creepy! I am weirdly proud of how far Daniel Brühl has come though! And Emma Watson of course too!

Midnight Special

I just saw Adam Driver … yeah, I didn’t pay much attention after that anymore, my brain just went on a Kylo Ren daydream-trip.

The Preppie Connection

Thomas Mann sounds JUST LIKE he did in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl – the same bored tone. I don’t like it?

TV Shows

The Catch

Another Shonda Rhimes show … that woman is dominating Thursdays on ABC.

Orphan Black Season 4

Just some more Teasers and BTS stuff for Orphan Black.


I like some of the actors, but he way the story is told seems so creepy. Not sure yet …

Turns out, I found quite a bit! Did you see some shows/movies you might like?

How I Read Book Tag


I am reading A LOT lately, but I have been a person who has always read a lot, so I am happy that Trisha Ann @The Bookgasm (whose blog just turned 1! YAY!!! Congrats again!) suggested that I do the How I Read Book Tag. Let’s find out some more about my reading habits!

How do you find about new books to read?

All the credit for that really has to go out to this amazing blogger community and the BookTubers out there! Sometimes it does happen that I just happen to scroll through the online catalog of my favourite online book store or I spot a particularly pretty cover in the wild that sparks my interest – it’s like magic when I find a book by myself! Yet, most of the time it is really due to all of you. Fangirling is contagious and when everyone reads something that seems interesting, I NEED to read it too!

How did you get into reading?

I’ve always loved reading! I didn’t even get into a lot of trouble as a kid, except for when I stayed up past bedtime, reading with a torchlight because I couldn’t stay away from a book. Books were always infinitely more intriguing than so many other things.

How has your taste in books changed as you got older?

  • Well for starters, I don’t read books in German (which is my primary language) anymore, unless that was the language it was originally written in.
  • I used to love books that were massive! Now, I am sighing when it is longer than 350 pages, because I know it will take so much longer.
  • Weirdly enough, I feel like I am reading more YA than when I was actually a young adult. Apparently I tried to be all grown-up back then and read grown-up fiction.

How often do you buy books?

Hi, my name is Kat and I have a book buying problem! *expectantly waiting for you to say “Hi Kat” back*

No, but let’s be serious here! I can’t control myself. I tried the whole book buying ban and it only ended in a binge-shopping at the end of it. Obviously, my money is limited. I can’t order anything if I can’t pay for it … so, I’ve tried to limit myself to a certain budget that I can spend per month, until I run out of my book-money-stash … it’s not going very well …

How did you get into book reviewing?

That is a very good question! I don’t know if any of you remember that, but my blog didn’t really start out as a book blog. I much more talked about TV shows and movies instead, but then books just sort of took over, because I felt like I got the most response out of those posts and that was fun.

How do you react when you don’t like the ending of a book?

I shortly think about throwing the book at a wall and then I remember that that might damage it and therefore refrain from doing so. It frustrates me to no end of course, but I guess it does make a difference if it’s a stand-alone or part of a series. Knowing that there might be a sequel always lessens the blow, but if it’s just that one book, I am afraid the rating will suffer a bit.

How often do you take a sneak peak at the ending to see if there’s a happy ending?

Hmmm … I know I shouldn’t do this, but sometimes I read the last paragraph of a book. I don’t do it to find out if it has a happy ending though. I don’t even know why I do it … it’s a huge problem of mine, especially if I “accidentally” spoil myself! But I do know better than to tell anyone about what’s going to happen.



Anna @My Bookish Dream

CW @Read, Think, Ponder

Jocelyn @52 Letters In the Alphabet

Victoria @Addlepates and Book Nerds


The Coffee Book Tag


Summer @Xingsings is always so sweet and wants to know more about me! Which is awesome and I love her for that! This time she tagged me to do the Coffee Book Tag and I am happy to oblige, even though I don’t drink coffee. Yeah, I am not kidding! Not even the really sugary thing they sell at Starbucks. I am TEAM TEA all the way! (Or Hot Chocolate, depending on my mood!)


A series that’s tough to get into but has hardcore fans.

I would have loved to steal Summer’s answer (Game of Thrones or Outlander) for it, but I am trying to be original here … I know that it’s sad but somehow I could never really get into the books for Gossip Girl as much as I liked the show. I even have 7 of them, but I could just as easily forget all about them and wouldn’t mind, the characters were just so different.


774132518081809A book that gets more popular during the winter or a festive time of year.

I’d say Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares or Landline works best around Christmas. I am not sure how many people are aware of them being during that time, but I think the stories have the most effect during that festive season.


A favorite children’s book.

I’ve mentioned Felix and his letter one too many times now, so instead I am choosing The English Roses by Madonna. My grandma gave it to me as a gift because I’ve nagged everyone about NEEDING to have this book. I read it within minutes, because it’s a children’s book and not very long, but I still loved it.


A book that kept you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Golden Son! After Red Rising I wanted to trust people, but knew that I shouldn’t … it was (as I’ve mentioned countless times now) an exhilarating read! Oh Morning Star, when will you finally arrive at my doorstep?


A book you see everywhere.

The Girl on the Train – even though I haven’t read it yet myself, it’s very popular at every bookstore I’ve worked at so far, so I see it all. the. time.


A book by an indie author (a shoutout).

I’d like to give a shoutout to my friend Rami Ungar. He is a fellow blogger and Whovian and we are always surprised about how well our friendship works, considering that our interests are almost polar opposites sometimes. I read one of his books last year (Reborn City, read my review here) and I have to say that I enjoyed it more than I expected to (which I do realise sounds mean, but had more to do with me being afraid of the genre he chose and not his writing).


A book you were expecting more from

Unfortunately the first book that I thought of was The Next Together by Lauren James … it wasn’t terrible, but it had the potential to be just so, so much better.


A book or series that was both bitter and sweet, but ultimately satisfying.

Again, I would really like to go with Summer’s answer (The Infernal Devices) but I will rack my brain and think of something else! In the end, I think that the Inkworld trilogy took me on a great journey. None of the sequels were as good as Inkheart, but that’s details. It did have a happy ending after all.


A book or series that is quietly beautiful.

Quietly? Maybe not so much. Unique, gorgeous, beautifully poetic? Definitely! Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi was the only way to go!


A book or series that makes you dream of far off places.

I think I’d like to go with the book I am currently reading: Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini. It takes the MC into a different dimension where our world got to grow more naturally and freely. Everything is very organic there and not so clogged, I really like the thought of that.


Favorite classic.

Tough one … probably Persuasion by Jane Austen. (Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and The Great Gatsby are awesome as well though!)


Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much

Jesse @Books at Dawn

Regina @The Bibliothèque


*If you’ve done the tag before or simply don’t want to, don’t feel obliged or anything like that!*

T5W: Best Suggested Books


It’s Top 5 Wednesday, a meme hosted by booktuber Lainey aka gingereadslainey for which you can join on the Goodreads page here. Today is all about books that someone suggest to us and that we ended up loving. It seems like an easy enough topic, but with so many recommendations coming at me left and right from the awesome book blogging community that we are in, it’s a little tough to remember who said what. I’ll try my best though.

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Yes, I will never shy away from using a chance to mention this book. I was already pretty interested in reading it, but then I saw CW @Read, Think, Ponder mention it in her fantastic post about why dystopians matter (click here to read it) and Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much had great things to say as well. It was inevitable that I would get around to it and NOW I AM IN LOVE!


Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

So, I was going to read that book anyway, but Cristina @My Tiny Obsessions actually sent me her copy of the book to lend it to me because she needed me to read it right away. I’d call that a very insistent recommendation!

Carry On

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

A friend of mine from uni told me about this one and I was very reluctant. Cancer stories are just SO sad and I didn’t want to be down after reading the book. She kept insisting, I heard about them making it into a movie and finally gave in. Am I glad that I read this book! It started my whole John Green book collection!

The Fault in Our Stars

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Another topic I am not too fond of is WWII. I had to deal with that in school every single year, over and over again. Austrians are really keen on the younger generations not to forget what the older ones messed up. I know they don’t want history to repeat itself, but it made the topic kind of dreadful. However, Catriona from Little Book Owl kept going on about it and it turned into one of my favourite books out there.

The Book Thief

Dark Reflections Series by Kai Meyer

My cousin let me borrow her books and that was years ago, yet I am still not over it! It had flying lions made of stone, a mirror version of Venice, people who travelled through mirrors and general magical awesomeness and despair. So glad she recommended me those books! My cousin and I have a very similar taste in books and I can always count on her!

Die Fließende Königin (Merle-Trilogie, #1)

What are some books you ended up loving because someone else recommended them? Tell me in the comments below!