Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 1-7)


So, I haven’t found anything really interesting in terms of TV but you can expect a ton of movie trailers. I guess there will be a lot of new stuff released during the Super Bowl, but that will have to wait until next week, because due to the time difference it wouldn’t be very convenient for me to wait out for that. Let’s see what I have in store for you!


Me Before You

I don’t think anyone has actually missed this Trailer during the past week, right? So many trailer reactions are out there but I can’t say much just yet, because I still haven’t read the book yet. I WANT TO SO BAD!

Get a Job

Miles Teller and Anna Kendrick and Alison Brie? I AM SO IN!!!

Ice Age: Collision Course

Seriously? I liked the first Ice Age movie and then I liked parts of the sequels, but aliens? Really?


I don’t know what to say about this one? It seems intense in a way, because of the topic alone. Loosing someone and then dealing with it, especially if you realise your feelings for that person maybe weren’t even true – everything just becoming less important and numbing down. I want to see this!

The Driftless Area

So, this is so clearly an Indie movie, I don’t really know what it’s even about! Is she a ghost? What is going on? No clue! BUT Zooey Deschanel and Anton Yelchin have me intrigued.

Jack of the Red Hearts

I haven’t seen AnnaSophie Robb in what feels like ages since the Carrie Diaries failed and this seems like such a heartfelt and sad movie! Definitely something you have to be emotionally ready for.

Miles Ahead

So, it’s a movie about Miles Davis but all I wanted was Cheadle saying “I am Batman” in that voice!

Of Mind and Music

I am guessing this is a Alzheimer-like disease and stories like that are killing me! But there is some serious star power here and it could be amazing.

Stealing Cars

All I could think while watching this was that Frank managed to screw up yet another kid … clearly my mind is wired to Shameless.

Which movies would you like to see? Did I miss something crucial? Tell me all about it in the comments!

42 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 1-7)

  1. I never heard about Of Mind and Music until today but I had to watch the trailer because Joaquim de Almeida name appeared there. It looks like it could be an amazing movie.
    I have yet to read Me Before You but that trailer almost made me cry.

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  2. Me Before You!! Ugh, I NEED to read that book before the movie. Everyone’s talking about it, I feel left out, haha. And after seeing the trailer, well… I KNOW I’m probably missing out, haha.
    Get a Job sounds SO good! I love this trailer, and THAT CAST!!! I can’t wait to see it, thank you, Kat!
    And that Ice Age movie… I really liked all of the other movies, but, aliens, there…hm, WHY 😦

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    • I need to read it before the movie as well. I don’t know why I haven’t bought the book earlier …
      The cast from Get a Job is soooo great!!! I love them in everything else they usually do, so I would really like to see that one 🙂 On a completely different note have you seen Cavemen , Two Night Stand or That Awkward Moment?
      Yeah … I am not cool with the aliens …

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      • Probably …
        You have to watch all of those movies!!! They are awesome and fun! None of them are out of the ordinary, but they are perfect for a slow evening or when you are bored. Great cast in all three of those.


  3. Me before you made me cry the other day, and I didn’t even read the book yet. Get a job seems like such a fun movie, maybe this will be the one that will make me like Miles Teller? The one with Zoey Deschanel seems super weird, right? And on Stealing Cars, yeah… Frank! Also, William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman playing the parents seems just about right 😀

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  4. Okay, You NEED to read Me Before You, it’s one of my fav satndalone books! Just so beautiful! I hope you read it soon! Ice Age! I love the movies and didn’t know of that new one! I’m excited! 😀

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  5. So many bloggers have been pushing me tor read Me Before You for some time now and I think I’ll finally be picking it up soon because of the beautiful (but heartbreaking already?) trailer. The cast looks phenomenal already. 😀

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  6. I am SO EXCITED for Me Before You! Granted, I haven’t read the book but the trailer looks so so good.
    And Demolition! My goodness that looks like a good movie – intense, and heart-pulling! I can’t wait for that one.
    Thank you for sharing this, as always! I always enjoy these posts! 😊

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    • Me too! I have to read Me Before You before the movie comes out!
      Demolition looks really intense, that’s right! I think I definitely want to see that one.
      You’re welcome! The feedback has been really great on this topic so far! 😀

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  7. I just watched the trailer for Get a Job and i’m super excited for that one because I love Anna Kendrick but also Me Before You, I haven’t read the book yet but just off the trailer alone it looks like a wonderful story. I think they chose very wisely with Sam Claflin and and Emilia Clarke, they’ll do the movie proud!

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  8. I still get goosebumps watching Me Before You’s trailer even when I watched it like a hundred times. The book was absolutely awesome and I love the casting of this movie. I hope it will come out as a really great one.

    I wanna watch Get a Job! It sounds so relaxing and funny. Anna Kendrick and Miles Teller make a good pair!

    And that Jack of Red Hearts seriously punched me in the gut! I want to see how emotion-wrecking that is when the movie comes out! 😀

    Thank you for sharing these 🙂

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