T5W: Best Suggested Books


It’s Top 5 Wednesday, a meme hosted by booktuber Lainey aka gingereadslainey for which you can join on the Goodreads page here. Today is all about books that someone suggest to us and that we ended up loving. It seems like an easy enough topic, but with so many recommendations coming at me left and right from the awesome book blogging community that we are in, it’s a little tough to remember who said what. I’ll try my best though.

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Yes, I will never shy away from using a chance to mention this book. I was already pretty interested in reading it, but then I saw CW @Read, Think, Ponder mention it in her fantastic post about why dystopians matter (click here to read it) and Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much had great things to say as well. It was inevitable that I would get around to it and NOW I AM IN LOVE!


Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

So, I was going to read that book anyway, but Cristina @My Tiny Obsessions actually sent me her copy of the book to lend it to me because she needed me to read it right away. I’d call that a very insistent recommendation!

Carry On

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

A friend of mine from uni told me about this one and I was very reluctant. Cancer stories are just SO sad and I didn’t want to be down after reading the book. She kept insisting, I heard about them making it into a movie and finally gave in. Am I glad that I read this book! It started my whole John Green book collection!

The Fault in Our Stars

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Another topic I am not too fond of is WWII. I had to deal with that in school every single year, over and over again. Austrians are really keen on the younger generations not to forget what the older ones messed up. I know they don’t want history to repeat itself, but it made the topic kind of dreadful. However, Catriona from Little Book Owl kept going on about it and it turned into one of my favourite books out there.

The Book Thief

Dark Reflections Series by Kai Meyer

My cousin let me borrow her books and that was years ago, yet I am still not over it! It had flying lions made of stone, a mirror version of Venice, people who travelled through mirrors and general magical awesomeness and despair. So glad she recommended me those books! My cousin and I have a very similar taste in books and I can always count on her!

Die Fließende Königin (Merle-Trilogie, #1)

What are some books you ended up loving because someone else recommended them? Tell me in the comments below!

56 thoughts on “T5W: Best Suggested Books

  1. I am recommending Carry On to everyone I can talk to, but I won’t let anyone borrow it, not even my best friend! lol I also recommended TFiOS to everyone when it came out.

    I haven’t read Red Rising yet but it’s been on my list for some time. I have a friend who’s obsessed with it. I also own The Book Thief and it’s on my tbr list.

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    • Cristina is the best! She didn’t just let me borrow the book – we live in different countries! She sent it to me via express mail 😀 I still have to return it though.
      YOU HAVE TO READ RED RISING! I am obsessed with it. To think that it was a little difficult to get in at first, I love it all the more now. Morning Star is on it’s way to me.
      And I cried like a baby during the Book Thief …


  2. My friend recommended Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” series a few years back, so when I visited a book store during my visit to London I picked up the first two (of seven) in the series. And since then I have finished all of them and absolutely loved the experience.

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  3. I keep telling everyone that’ll I’ll read the books they love but I never manage to get to them. My goal is to get through books people recommended me last year though. But books I loved and were recommended have been Unbroken, The Glass Castle, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, and, more recently, A Little Life. And I’m currently reading Me Before You, which everyone said was a must read back in 2015!

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    • I know it’s difficult to read EVERYTHING the others suggest and recommend. I still need to read Me Before You as well. And I want to get to Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda as well. I even promised to people that I would :/


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