Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 22-28)


I have a feeling this week didn’t have much to offer, but let’s see how deep I can dig and what I will find!


The Light Between the Oceans

ALICIA VIKANDER! MICHAEL FASSBENDER! Did you know that they actually started dating for realsies when they shot that movie? They are like a dream-couple to me … to bad it didn’t last. BUT the movie looks great! It already makes me want to cry and I now vow to read the book before it’s release!

Maggie’s Plan

Psychotic fits it quite well I think hahaha

The Man Who Knew Infinity

I always think it’s weird when Dev Patel has a full on Indian accent. Like, I know he’s Indian, but it feels so cliché because I know he can talk perfectly fine without it.

Kill Your Friends

Such a weird movie! Not my taste … I think?

TV Shows

Castle presents “The Rickies”

There is not much point to this, other than me finding it funny.

Superstore Season 2

I love this show – it’s hilarious, so YAY to another season!

So, as I said … there wasn’t much this week, but what did you think of the things I did find?

17 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 22-28)

  1. The Light Between the Oceans will be a tear jerker :S. Maggie’s Plan seems hilarious :D. The Man Who Knew Infinity looks really good, I get what you’re saying about his accent, but it’s justified her :). Kill Your Friends seems weird AF, and Nicholas Hoult… baby!!!

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